Are these Western heroes lawmen or not?

Do you know who carried a badge?

While many TV heroes from the Old West seek justice in their own way, only some are officers of the law. Do you know which characters are actual lawmen?

For the purposes of this quiz, we're defining "lawman" as any government or law enforcement official who keeps the peace and protects citizens. That means not only sheriffs and marshals, but also rangers and special agents.

See if you can tell the rangers from the ranchers in this quiz!

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  1. Is Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke a lawman?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  2. Is Lucas McCain from The Rifleman a lawman?
  3. Is Paladin from Have Gun - Will Travel a lawman?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  4. Is Festus Haggen from Gunsmoke a lawman?
  5. Is Ben Cartwright from Bonanza a lawman?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  6. Is Micah Torrance from The Rifleman a lawman?
  7. Is Hoby Gilman from Trackdown a lawman?
  8. Is Rowdy Yates from Rawhide a lawman?
  9. Is Roy Coffee from Bonanza a lawman?
  10. Is Bret Maverick from Maverick a lawman?
  11. Is Josh Randall a lawman?
  12. Is James West from The Wild Wild West a lawman?
  13. Is Flint McCullough from Wagon Train a lawman?
  14. Is Jim Hardie from Tales of Wells Fargo a lawman?

Are these Western heroes lawmen or not?

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dodgebob 5 days ago
Flint McCullough did me in, he was a scout, 13/14
TruthNapalm 6 days ago
James Hardy is NOT a Lawman! He works for a PRIVATE company!
quanchiverous 7 days ago
I haven’t seen all the Bonanza episodes. That’s why I got that wrong.
Raso 13 days ago
Missed one but i thought being a part time Marshall counted.
mikeone 15 days ago
I really wish you would bring back "All in the family" !!!
The funniest sitcom ever!!!!
Controversial,and way ahead of it's time!!!
mikeone 15 days ago
Missed one,but I took a shot at it (no pun intended) 😁
fivecents 15 days ago
13/14 ....... missed the Festus Haggen question. I guess I figured he was just another "side-kick" like Chester was. Did odd jobs around Dodge, never was a full deputy. Guess I was wrong.
12topgun 15 days ago
14 . I believe Jim Hardy had powers of arrest . Could be wrong .
trogg888 16 days ago
when did festus become a deputy us marshall? he always helped matt when he needed him but i thought he was a jack of all trades
fivecents trogg888 15 days ago
I thought so too, but my buddy seems to think Festus became a Deputy in the color versions of Gunsmoke. I wouldn't know, I don't like to watch the color version seasons
JamesMcCourry 18 days ago
Jim Hardy was an investigator for Wells Fargo, a private company. Therefore he was NOT a lawman.
Kenner 19 days ago
And never call the Rifleman a sod-buster! If you know westerns, this quiz will be a breeze.
Toot1956 19 days ago
Bring back Saturday Morning Westerns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BrentwoodJon 19 days ago
14/14 too EZ But I love BW westerns
FestusFan2312 19 days ago
Last question...Jim Hardie was a detective for Wells Fargo. He was not, in the normal sense, a lawman.
Jeffrey 20 days ago
''You got 14 out of 14'' ----------------Did you stand tall on this quiz or did you come up a little short? I got the all right the first time.
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