How well do you know Gunsmoke by the numbers?

The long-running Western racked up some impressive figures.

Gunsmoke is iconic thanks to its engaging storylines, great characters, and notable guest stars. The classic Western is just as impressive in terms of sheer numbers as well.

How well do you know the facts and figures of Gunsmoke? Try to match these numbers to the correct answers!

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How well do you know Gunsmoke by the numbers?

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rodger50 23 months ago
I had heard from somewhere that Matt never did kiss Kitty. I love Gunsmoke. It is on at noon on ME TV here in San Antonio, Tx. I even plan my day around it. If I have a doctor appointment I plan it for sometime after 1:00 in the afternoon. I can’t say enough good things about ME TV. Has a lot of the old shows we loved. I don’t have cable just an antenna. Works fine.
phialpha 23 months ago
Are you sure Matt and Kitty never lip locked? I know the two of them had some spectacular hugs like after a rain following a desperate drought.
Cowgirl 24 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
There's no doubt what these numbers mean.
Tommy 25 months ago
12/12. Greatest western ever imo
DeejayDonny 25 months ago
I got seven and, didn't watch, regularly.
matt1717don 25 months ago
My father's favorite TV series Western.
EdCaf 25 months ago
#12 is incorrect, they kissed on the Christmas episode.
MaryMitch EdCaf 25 months ago
Kitty kissed Matt on the cheek, I believe. But it's still a kiss!
Muleskinner 25 months ago
8/12. That is one hard quiz! 😷
Terrence 25 months ago
Not bad for someone who barely watched this show
john 25 months ago
I'd love to watch metv. The scumbags in Denver took it off the air. Now I can't watch Dragnet anymore. Thanks for nothing you worms.
Snickers john 24 months ago
Love saturday night sci-fi from Buck Rodgers to The Invaders.
MsDottie 26 months ago
I love ME tv! The only channel I watch! ❤️
Snickers MsDottie 24 months ago
Love all the old tv shows, Hogan's heros, Gomer Pyle and all the late night crime dramas as well as sci fi saturday. Lost in Space, Land of the Giants and Time Tunnel to.
Runeshaper 26 months ago
You got 9 out of 12 - love this show!

There's no doubt what these numbers mean.
cperrynaples 26 months ago
11/12! Missed 12 and I call fowl! I'm pretty certain Matt & Kitty kissed once!
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