Batman, or nah? Which shows are these pictures from?

Holy still images Batman!

Are you a Batman expert? Do you find yourself constantly Batsplaining to your less-informed friends? Well then surely, you'll be able to tell the difference between a scene from Batman and a scene from something else, right?

So you think you know your Bat from a hole in the ground. Take this quiz to find out how well you really know the Caped Crusader in the '60s!

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  1. This guy at a desk. Batman, or nah?
  2. Was this spooky shadow cast in Gotham?
  3. This beachside bluff, was it seen on Batman?
  4. Was this building in an episode of Batman?
  5. Are these Bat-noculars, or regular binoculars in a different series?
  6. These dapper dudes, are they in Batman, or another show?
  7. What show is this image from?
  8. Do these cops light up the Batsignal, or are they from some other show?
  9. How about this fire brigade?
  10. Is this image from Batman, or is it from another series?

Batman, or nah? Which shows are these pictures from?

Your Result...

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Kaydee 9 days ago
10/10 I almost thought No. 10 was Warden Crichton Ha!
SandraChicago 21 days ago
9/10 but those 9 were lucky guesses. My guess for #6 was wrong.
Kramden62 22 days ago
8/1. Mostly lucky guesses as I haven't watched "Batman" in a while.
McGillahooala 23 days ago
9/10. Foiled by the dapper dudes!
graceful1970 23 days ago
Riddle me this... You got 8 out of 10
RobertK 23 days ago
8 of 10. I seem to have joined the majority here!
Deleted 24 days ago
This comment has been removed.
RedSamRackham 23 days ago
* Gordon but not O'Hara was a regular character in Batman comics. I never saw Inspector Henderson in Superman comics.
Mirramanee 20 days ago
Neither character ever appeared in the comic books. Bonus question: what about Aunt Harriett?
She was an invention of the tv show originally. Interestingly, the comic books incorporated her into the books for a short while. I always wondered why they added Aunt Harriet and yet did not include Chief O'Hara (or Inspector Henderson, either).
MikefromJersey 19 days ago
The network wanted her there to provide "family" lest people thought there
were homosexual overtones to the Bruce/Dick relationship.
That was ironic because once the show took off those two were very large
with the ladies, the list of their conquests would put Warren Beatty to shame.
mikemapes 24 days ago
The batman series had those weird camera shots like the camera was lying on its side. The show also inspired another hit TV show camera shots -Nash Bridges
CaroleThorpe 25 days ago
Riddle me this... You got 10 out of 10
Great job! Now, it's back to the Batcave!
Wenatchee7 25 days ago
8/10 thought I was going to do better.
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