Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about Happy Days?

You can't spell Alex Trebek without an "Aaaayyyy!"

Jeopardy! would be a lot easier if they took away all the history, science, philosophy and Shakespeare and just focused on your favorite TV shows.

Or would it?

We gathered some real questions from the game show. Alex Trebek has been reading Happy Days trivia questions from 1984 to 2020. Well, "answering" them. You know the format.

See if you can be the Ken Jennings of Fonzie lore!

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  1. TELEVISION $100: They got married in the final episode of 'Happy Days'
  2. WHICH CAME FIRST? $100: 'Happy Days', 'Hee Haw', 'Hogan's Heroes', 'Home Improvement'
  3. THE MOVIES $100: In 1977 this 'Happy Days' star directed his first feature, 'Grand Theft Auto'
  4. TV NICKNAMES $200: Aaay! Fonzie called this character "Shortcake" on 'Happy Days'
  5. "ROCK" SONGS $200: This tune hit the Top 40 again in 1974 thanks to its use as the theme to "Happy Days"
  6. DAYS IN SONG $300: Opening line of theme song written for TV's 'Happy Days'
  7. CELEBRITY JEOPARDY! $400: Cousin of the man who created the Heimlich Maneuver, I was Potsie on 'Happy Days'
  8. YALE DRAMA SCHOOL ALUMNI $400: He had some "Happy Days" at Yale long before starring in 'The Dinner Party' on Broadway in 2000
  9. TOUGH TV TRIVIA $400: Ellen Travolta played his mom on both 'Happy Days' and 'Charles in Charge'
  10. FEELINGS $400: 'Happy Days' can be traced back to a segment of this 'American Style'
  11. TV $500: Former 'Happy Days' regular who now stars as "Ohara" [This question was in a 1987 episode]
  12. TELEVISION $500: On 'Happy Days', the nickname of Warren Weber
  13. HIGH SCHOOL TV $500: This series that debuted in the '70s was set in the '50s & featured students of __________ High [The answer was, of course, 'Happy Days', but fill in the blank!]
  14. GAME SHOWS IN TV & MOVIES $600: A 1974 episode found this 'Happy Days' lad refusing to cheat on the rigged game show 'Big Money'; such a nice boy
  15. TOUGH TV TRIVIA $800: Lori Beth Allen married this 'Happy Days' character
  16. ACTORS & THEIR ROLES $800: He spent some 'Happy Days' playing Fiorello LaGuardia and won a Tony, too
  17. TV SITCOMS $800: This 'Happy Days' producer and film director played the network president on 'Murphy Brown'
  18. TV LOCATIONS $800: Before moving to Colorado, Mork from Ork first appeared on Earth in this city
  19. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPY DAYS $1000: Rocker Suzi Quatro was hell-bent for this 'Happy Days' recurring character

Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions about Happy Days?

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biscuits18521 1 day ago
17/19 - glad I did better on this particular quiz.
HopeDuchaine 11 days ago
13/19. I need to up my Happy Days info.
MrBill 14 days ago
18/19; missed #16 - I never heard of that character.
EllisClevenger 17 days ago
You got 19 out of 19
Impressive! You'd win a lifetime supply of Plasti-Sheen toothpaste like Richie here, but, alas, it is not a real toothpaste.
I almost lost, at #13 and #19.
However, I played it cool, and won.
Jorgal74 18 days ago
15 out of 19 isn't bad...but I really thought I'd do better. Some tough questions!
DanDolgin 18 days ago
14 out of 19. I got a lot correct, don't see how I missed 5. I'm a big fan of Happy Days, as well as most of the spin-off shows.
jojo68 19 days ago
BZCITY jojo68 17 days ago
You should go pro!
CRTRAVIS 20 days ago
Only missed one not too bad happy days another great classic show
Evan 20 days ago
17/19. Not Ken Jennings. Brad Rutter, maybe?
Stoney 20 days ago
17 for 19. Missed #16 and #19
richardkel Stoney 20 days ago
17/19. I missed #8 and #16.
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