Can you fill in the blank with correct lyrics to the Gilligan's Island theme song?

Time to hang on Gilligan's every word.

 Warner Brothers
Gilligan's Island has one of the world's best-loved TV theme songs, but we have to wonder how many people really know all the lyrics.

Scroll through the song below and see if you can fill in each and every blank. 

Only true Gilligan's Island fans can get every word! Everybody else may just end up stranded mid-verse. Good luck!

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  1. Pick the correct lyric to fill in the blank: Just sit ________________, and you’ll hear a tale
     Warner Brothers
  2. That started from this _________________, aboard this tiny ship
     Warner Brothers
  3. The mate was a ______________ sailing man, The Skipper brave and sure.
     Warner Brothers
  4. Five passengers _______________ that day, for a three hour tour.
     Warner Brothers
  5. The weather started ___________________,
     Warner Brothers
  6. The tiny ship was _______________,
     Warner Brothers
  7. If not for the courage of the ______________ crew, The Minnow would be lost.
     Warner Brothers
  8. The ship ______________ on the shore of this uncharted desert isle,
     Warner Brothers
  9. With Gilligan, The Skipper too, The Millionaire ___________________,
     Warner Brothers
  10. The _________________, The Professor and Mary Ann, Here on Gilligan’s Isle.
     Warner Brothers
  11. So this is the tale of our castaways, They’re here for a _____________________.
     Warner Brothers
  12. They’ll have to make ____________________, It’s an uphill climb.
     Warner Brothers
  13. The ___________________ and his Skipper too, will do their very best
     Warner Brothers
  14. To make the others _________________________ in their tropic island nest.
     Warner Brothers
  15. No phones, no lights, __________________, not a single luxury.
     Warner Brothers
  16. Like ________________, it as a primitive as can be.
     Warner Brothers
  17. So join us here each week my friend, You’re sure to get a ________________.
     Warner Brothers
  18. From seven ______________ castaways, here on Gilligan’s isle.
     Warner Brothers

Can you fill in the blank with correct lyrics to the Gilligan's Island theme song?

Your Result...

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Coldnorth 9 days ago
Got all of them. I hummed the the lyrics
jdiperri 18 days ago
18/18. How did MaryAnn bake those pies??
greenhornet66 29 days ago
18 out of 18. it seemed to get harder to remember from question 11 to the end because they didn't play the entire song every episode like that. one just had to go through the answers with the lyrics to get them.
BradBeall 1 month ago
Finally - I nailed it, which is good, because I actually perform this song (with acoustic guitar) when I play at local bars & such. Knowing the lyrics can be a good thing.
ww245 1 month ago
18/18 I couldn't miss! Know this series like the back of my hand......better than my ex boyfriend!!! lol
WilliamJorns 1 month ago
I only missed the first one. I thought it was "sit right down" when it's "sit right back." Otherwise, I didn't do too bad.
LynCarrigan 1 month ago
14/18 and only saw the show once. Once was enough!
JayBurd 1 month ago
You got 18 out of 18
You got EVERY WORD! As if we ever expected a big fan like you'd ever get stranded when it comes to Gilligan's Island...

Maybe Mary Ann will make me a coconut cream pie!
Runeshaper 1 month ago
14/18 and I'll take it! Haven't heard the song in a "long, long time" LOL

Smooth sailing - you got most of the words right!
Kramden62 1 month ago
18/18. Soooo easy!

When "Gilligan" was first syndicated in the late 60's and my younger sister and I were still kids in the early 70's, I always thought in the ending portion of the theme they sang:
"No fog!
No light!
No motor car...."
and then after the line "It’s primitive as can be." I'd say "65!," "66!," or "67!" As I was reading the credits I would notice the year the episode was made and stick that into the song.

And then my younger sister put her own take on the last verse:
"So join us here each day, my friend,
You're sure to get a smile,
From seven natural fruit juices,
Here on Gilligan's Isle!"
Of course, in syndication the reruns were shown practically every day, and the "seven natural fruit juices" came from an early 70's Hawaiian Punch commercial. Clever!
Wendy57 Kramden62 1 month ago
Your sister was very smart. I hope that she went on to use her literary talent.
Kramden62 Wendy57 1 month ago
Well, when my nephew was born in 1994 she *did* try to get an original story she would tell him published, but nothing came of it.
Wendy57 Kramden62 30 days ago
At least she tried. That’s the important thing. The “path” never taken is the one you regret the most.
Kramden62 Wendy57 29 days ago
Very true.

What I meant to say was that my nephew was born in 1994 but she tried to get her bedtime story to him published in 1996. Still, she tried.
Wendy57 Kramden62 29 days ago
Yes she did. 😊
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