Can you find the classic TV actor who did NOT play Batman?

It takes an expert detective to find the imposter.


"I'm Batman." It's a line that strikes fear into the hearts of Gotham City criminals in movies and television. In real life, only a small group of men have been lucky enough to claim, "I'm Batman!"

The Dark Knight made his debut in the pages of Detective Comics in the 1930s. By the next decade, he was already a Hollywood hit on the silver screen.

In the decades since, Batman has been in TV shows, cartoons and movies. The actors behind Bruce Wayne all appeared on television at some point.

Can you find the ONE guy below who was NOT Batman?

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  1. Which one of these actors did NOT play Batman at some point?

Can you find the classic TV actor who did NOT play Batman?

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Sachelle 30 months ago
Omg, I can't believe I picked the right guy on the first try. I'm definitely a good guesser.
DIGGER1 48 months ago
Can you find the classic TV actor who did NOT play Batman?
You picked the right guy!
Correct! This is Colin Male. He was the voice announcer heard in the opening credits of The Andy Griffith Show. He also popped up in two episodes!
Unfortunately, I only got 'COLIN MALE' after the first three tries and misses. Oh well....!
trogg888 48 months ago
nailed it.although it was between him and another guy so it was 50 50
Mac2Nite 48 months ago
Totally guessed because although I knew some of them had played Batman... many others I wasn't sure I just guessed...and bingo... nailed it...LOL
SashaPayneDiaz 48 months ago
Jeez.....took 6 tries. I didn't even recognize Geo. Clooney.....and cartoon voices? Forget it!
Lacey SashaPayneDiaz 48 months ago
Actually I knew the cartoon and radio voices. It still took me two tries to guess right.
TheDavBow3 48 months ago
4th try. I thought Robert Lowery looked like Clark Gable 😉😊
DJS3 48 months ago
I got this one wrong when I picked
number 3, Olan Soule.

I thought for sure Alan Napier, who played Alfred on the 1960s show, would have been a trick choice. Alfred donned the cowl and cape as a stand in for Bruce Wayne in at least one episode, as I remember. 🦇
JHP 48 months ago
Olan Soule - the El Grande leaker on the Andy Griffith show. He recruits BAR-NAY and then has andy do the dirty work...USELESS!
JHP JHP 48 months ago
BTW 1st guess 4me
AgingDisgracefully JHP 48 months ago
Olan was BORN to lead a caped crusade.
Lillyrose 48 months ago
I picked the right answer on the first try -- Robert Lowery! I saw the Hazel episode that he was in. It was funny!
Geronimo Lillyrose 48 months ago
Robert Lowery played Batman in the 1940 serials
Runeshaper 48 months ago
Took 4 guesses. Michael Keaton is still my favorite Batman.
nerakr 48 months ago
6th and final try. I knew the three who played Batman on TV and in the '90s movies.
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