Can you find the one animal that is NOT from Green Acres?

Which one of these classic TV critters is not from Hooterville?

As you might imagine for a show set on a farm, Green Acres had plenty of animal cast members joining in on the antics. Typical farm species made appearances along with many other wild creatures.

Of course, Green Acres was hardly the only show putting animals on TV in the 1960s. We’ve collected eight animals from Hooterville and added one from somewhere else entirely. Can you guess which animal was never seen on Green Acres?

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  1. Which one of these animals is NOT from Green Acres?

Can you find the one animal that is NOT from Green Acres?

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RobertK 3 days ago
Nailed it! I was a real fan of the show in the 60's. I remembered every animal in the grid, except the cat.
jerrysays 6 days ago
I was Amazed , i got the cat in the first try , i almost went for the Blood Hound , i think it is a blood hound LOL ?the cat photo almost look like from some one's house , or a very late 50s or early 60s pet food Commercial .
Jonathan_nyc_ 8 days ago
If there was a cat Mr. Douglas would have stepped/sat/kicked it 1m times
Craigg 12 days ago
You picked Henrietta!
She was Gomer's cat on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Great job!
Jonathan_nyc_ Craigg 8 days ago
OMG, your right!!!!!
a1k9 13 days ago
Got it right off the bat. Never seen a cat on Green Acres.
JERRY6 13 days ago
got it in one , not bad ir is only animal i don't remember being on green acres
Moriyah 14 days ago
Question: When do you think they will do one of these with GP? (Let me know)
lynngdance Moriyah 13 days ago
Sounds like a good idea. (By the way I love your profile picture of Gomer 😁)
Moriyah lynngdance 13 days ago
Thank you!
lynngdance Moriyah 13 days ago
You’re welcome 🙂
jaelinsmith40652 14 days ago
I thought that dog was from the brady bunch. His name is tiger
TheDavBow3 14 days ago
1st try for me too! Not sure if I've ever seen a cat on Green Acres.
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