Can you find the ONE fake Vincent Price haunted house movie we made up?

There were houses of wax, of dolls, of seven gables and… long shadows?

Besides maybe Boris Karloff, there is no actor more synonymous with horror than Vincent Price. Just his voice can send a shiver up the spine… or at least put a smile on the face of gleeful scary movie fans who love a large dose of camp with their frights. 

Price accrued over 200 credits to his name during his long career. Eight of those credits were in creepy films with the word “house” in the title. 

We’ve compiled all eight real movies and put in one fake title. Can you spot the one name that is not a Vincent Price movie?

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  1. Which one of these is NOT a Vincent Price movie?

Can you find the ONE fake Vincent Price haunted house movie we made up?

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MalachiCrunch 11 hours ago
Got it first try.
Though almost picked the Bloodbath one, never heard of it.
lynngdance 1 day ago
Since it’s Vincent Price Appreciation Week (Yay!) here’s a list of some random (non-horror) Vincent Price movies you may not have heard of, that you might wanna check out!
1. The Baron Of Arizona
Ever heard of someone selling the Brooklyn Bridge? Well this movie is about stealing the state of Arizona. Literally. 😜

2. Comedy Of Terrors
Yes, it does have ‘terror’ in the title, but it’s not meant to scare you. Yes, there are lots of ghoulish things going on, but it’s absolutely hilarious! (Kind of an “Arsenic and Old Lace” kind of thing 😄)

3. The Great Mouse Detective
Yup, Vincent Price is in a Disney movie (how awesome is that? 😁) and this is not a cameo appearance, mind you; he has top billing in this (even though he’s the villain😈) So I suggest watching this. (Oh, and Basil Rathbone makes a cameo appearance as well)

Lol just kidding 😝. But nevertheless he is in this. 😄

Hope you enjoyed this list!

“The midnight hour is close at hand……”
Darn it! I put the posters in the wrong order! Sorry 😬. But you get the point 😆.
Oldie79 lynngdance 1 hour ago
You forgot to mention The Fly(LOL).
lynngdance Oldie79 1 hour ago
I was speaking of non-horror, but since he doesn’t play a villain in that I guess that counts lol 😆😜
ltntx 2 days ago
1 and done. LOVE Vincent Price and got lucky, almost picked a 2nd choice :)
Oldie79 3 days ago
I saw House of Wax in 1953 when it was first released. I was 10 at the time. I can still remember wearing those annoying 3-d glasses, I have the DVD but unfortunately cannot watch in 3-d. Somehow the movie loses something not being able to see it in 3-d. Especially the man in front of the wax museum hitting the paddle ball. The ball would go right into the audience. And the can can dancers danced right through the screen. Ah, the good old days.
DethBiz 3 days ago
I noticed that they really cut out a lot of The Abominable Dr. Phibes this past Saturday night on Svengoolie. I guess it pays to have it on Blu-Ray.
Oldie79 DethBiz 1 hour ago
Dr. Phibes Rises again now showing on Swengoolie(5/21)
Peter_Falk_Fan 4 days ago
Well, I recognized 7 of these choices. The two I didn't know was "House of Terrors" and "Bloodbath at the House of Death". I got it on the second try. I will have to check out "Bloodbath at the House of Death".
cheduff 4 days ago
Toonie the Tuna is awesome but Sventoonie is right out there in la la land.
bl1966 5 days ago
Get rid of svenTooli. Terrible program
Filmnoirfan 5 days ago
Third time's the charm as they say! Price was very good in movies and television roles and more versatile than most think
Jeffrey 5 days ago
''You picked the fake movie! -Great job!'' ----You found it! Vincent Price was in ''Tales of Terror'' and ''The Comedy of Terrors'' but never a movie called ''House of Terror.'' --We applaud you! It was my 7th pick out of 9.
Runeshaper 5 days ago
Took 5 guesses LOL They all sound like Vincent Price movies! haha
bnichols23 6 days ago
Shoot, not even gonna try on this one; piece of cake. It was nice to see Dr. Phibes again. :)
Wendy57 6 days ago
Took me four times to get it right.
Truly a horrific performance. Just got lucky the fourth time, I’m afraid. 😱
trickortreat Wendy57 6 days ago
No worries. Just means you have some more Vincent Price films to catch up on.
Wendy57 trickortreat 6 days ago
Thanks. Good point.
Not exactly what one would call a *bad* situation!
Oldie79 6 days ago
For all of you of a certain age Vincent Price was a contestant in 1956 on The $64,000 challenge. His subject was art and artists. Quite a difference from his persona in all those horror movies.
harlow1313 Oldie79 5 days ago
If I'm not mistaken, he won by correctly identifying Ed Norton as the composer of "Swanee River."
madvincent harlow1313 5 days ago
Hum mana Hum mana Hum mana
Jeffrey madvincent 5 days ago
All right, Ralph Cramden!! That's enough!
trickortreat 6 days ago
This is an easy quiz for anyone familair with the works of Vincent Price, but I love that they are doing something for his birthday month.
Yeh, same here!
Zip 6 days ago
Speaking of terror(as in terror-ble), it took me about 6 times to get the right answer.
CaroleThorpe 6 days ago
You picked the fake movie! Great job!
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