Can you guess the show from the style of its episode titles?

Match your favorite shows to the correct set of episodes!

On many classic shows, the episode names are diverse, with titles that connect very little to the show name. Then there are the series that standardizes the style of their episode names, relying on repetition so that fans changing channels could recognize a show by the episode title flashed on the screen.

Here, we're paying extra special attention to how our favorite shows name their episodes to see if you've picked up on it like these series creators hoped. 

Below, read through a set of episode titles from your favorite classic shows and see if you can match the series to its episodes. Good luck!
  1. Which legal drama named its episodes after all the cases it explored?
  2. Which early spy show had the word "affair" in every episode title?
  3. Can you fill in the blank below with the sitcom star's name that was inserted into nearly every episode title?
  4. Which sitcom named its episodes after hit songs?
  5. This popular Western series named nearly all of its episodes after the character most central to the plot:
  6. This classic series coupled episodes together by rhyming the episode names:
  7. This Western series called all of its episodes "incidents":
  8. Which legal drama generally named its episodes after the characters involved in its cases?
  9. Every episode of this classic series referred to a single night:
  10. This classic series made pretty much every episode title into a literary pun:

Can you guess the show from the style of its episode titles?

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