Can you guess the TV show from the first three words of its theme song?

Three cheers for you if you pass this one!

How many words does it take for you to recognize the most infectious TV theme songs?

Today we'll find out if three is your magic number.

Scroll through the theme song lyrics below, showing just the first three words of popular TV theme songs. Only the biggest fans of TV theme songs can score 8/10. Good luck!
  1. "Just sit right..."
  2. "They're creepy and..."
  3. "Here we come..."
  4. "Well, we're moving..."
  5. "Who can turn..."
  6. "Thank you for..."
  7. "You take the..."
  8. "Making your way..."
  9. "Baby, if you've..."
  10. "Here's the story..."
Can you guess the TV show from the first three words of its theme song?

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Lacey 6 days ago
10/10 without breaking a sweat.
I watched WAY too much TV in my youth.
Geronimo 8 days ago
I rocked this quiz.................10/10
Mark 9 days ago

By the way I love the way you talk Eileen Murray, not from New York...

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rycki1138 9 days ago
10 out of 10
Johnny Fever's jazzed you rocked that!
MrBill 10 days ago
9/10; Missed #8 - I did not recognize those three words from the Cheers theme and had to guess on that one. Although I am not a fan of WKRP, I got that one by process of elimination.
Never liked cheera
I mean cheers, stupid spell check...guess I type toooooo fast!
kissoff 10 days ago
10 out of 10. I wish I could find a way to make money with this otherwise useless information.
Pacificsun kissoff 9 days ago
You can. Just become a writer for the MeTV website.
Where can I sign up? Stephanie and I know more useless information than anyone...LOL!!!
Tresix cperrynaples 9 days ago
I did it the hard way: I went on "Jeopardy!".
booster 10 days ago
10/10 Now I got the "Brady Bunch" song stuck in my head.
Always on my mind...better than the crap that is goin on nowadays!
BubbaPacha77511 10 days ago
10/10..... Johnny fever really likes me lol
JeffTanner 10 days ago
You got 10 out of 10 --------Johnny Fever's jazzed you rocked that!
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