Can you guess what the cast of Bonanza is selling in these vintage ads?

Actors from the show pitched trucks, TV sets and dog food. Do you remember which brands?


Bonanza was one of the most popular shows on TV during its initial run and brands wanted to cash in. Using the familiar faces of the Cartwright clan was an easy way to connect with millions of fans across the country. Sometimes actors like Lorne Greene and Dan Blocker even pitched products in costume!

Here is a collection of vintage commercials starring members of the Bonanza cast. Can you guess what each ad is for?

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  1. Lorne Greene teamed up with Melissa Gilbert in this commercial for what kind of dog food?
  2. What truck brand is Dan Blocker showing off here?
  3. Michael Landon starred in many commercials for...
  4. Pernell Roberts is out in the mountains for which brand?
  5. Tim Matheson played Griff in Bonanza's final season and starred in this early Nineties commercial for which car company?
  6. Michael Landon took over for John Ritter selling what educational program?
  7. Candy Canaday actor David Canary pitched which TV brand?
  8. Character actor Slim Pickens appeared in Bonanza as Big Jim Leyton and played a Western lawman in this commercial for what?
  9. In this commercial, Lorne Greene is holding a card for what?
  10. What is this commercial advertising?

Can you guess what the cast of Bonanza is selling in these vintage ads?

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zman47240 23 months ago
8/10 and most were just lucky guesses.
Dayna 27 months ago
5/10 I'm not good with car brands and never heard of the one Michael Landon did after John Ritter left.
TheOnlyONE 27 months ago
10/10. Technology has come a long way...not always for the better.
Dlaydi4u TheOnlyONE 25 months ago
Show off. lol
MichaelSkaggs 27 months ago
Loren Greene also did a commercial for RCA, which owned NBC. "RCA makes things better and better."
GregOden 27 months ago
Guessed at em all!!!!! Let's Go Brandon!!!!
Dlaydi4u GregOden 25 months ago
How many did you get?
FLETCH 27 months ago
2 out of 10! I did so terrible. I'm impressed!
iluvwesterns 27 months ago
i got all 10. i loved watching Bonanza with my dad. its one of the alltime greatest shows
TonyDStrong 27 months ago
You got 6 out of 10
Lorne Greene also peddled Hubert Humphrey for president.
TheDavBow3 TonyDStrong 27 months ago
As Foster Brooks once said, ...If Humphrey won, instead of Trickie Dickie it be Hubie the Boobie!! 😂🤣
KM27 27 months ago
Brandon got 0 out of 10 and blamed it on Trump, global warming, big oil companies, COVID and Putin
TonyDStrong KM27 27 months ago
Don't forget Big Meat is the cause of meat prices going up and ME quiz scores going down.
Gayleistoons KM27 27 months ago
Give this trash a break...this is a lighthearted tv quiz🐎
KM27 27 months ago
Let’s go brandon
Gayleistoons KM27 27 months ago
Crabs should remain by the seashore
vinman63 27 months ago
Lesson learn don’t use bonanza to peddle junk.
TonyDStrong vinman63 27 months ago
It's as if they are just actors and the show is just make believe.
vinman63 TonyDStrong 27 months ago
Face Recognization outside of Michael Landon and Lorne Greene what has the other members of Bonanza done.
RichLorn 27 months ago
I didn't see these. I was in the bathroom.
KJExpress RichLorn 27 months ago
I remember those days. No hitting the pause button. It was hurry up and get back before the show came on again!
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