Can you guess which sitcom these aliens are from?

Whether real or just a dream, there were some amusing extraterrestrials on classic TV.

While shows like My Favorite Martian and ALF were centered around beings from other planets, many “normal” sitcoms that usually dealt with everyday situations featured occasional sci-fi plots as well.

The aliens on these comedies were rarely actual extraterrestrials. They were usually from dreams, movie costumes or even secret government projects. But that didn’t stop characters from thinking they’d seen invaders from outer space!

Here are ten aliens from non-sci-fi sitcoms. Try to match each one to the right show!

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  1. You may recognize this sitcom alien from his own show, but he first appeared on...
  2. What is this alien from?
  3. This animated extraterrestrial appeared in...
  4. This alien turned out to be a kid in a costume in which show?
  5. These astronauts were mistaken for aliens because they came out of a flying saucer in...
  6. What are these aliens from?
  7. This mysterious saucer was spied in which sitcom?
  8. These aliens had a ship right out of a sci-fi film (literally) in...
  9. Someone dreamt up an unsettling Danny Thomas alien in...
  10. What are these aliens from?

Can you guess which sitcom these aliens are from?

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aaddaamm 11 days ago
9 out of 10. Thought would ace this one
Abbadon517 15 days ago
8/10 #9 don't remember that on Dick
OR the Bradys
RCChafin 16 days ago
I only got one right. That was the only show I saw with these aliens! I must watch and try to catch up. Perhaps MeTV will have an alien special late at night and show all these episodes!
RichLorn 17 days ago
This quiz made me feel alienated. (Someone made me say that)
MrBill 18 days ago
9/10; missed #2 The Brady Bunch - I did not remember that scene but I have not watched the show for several years.
SheriHeffner 18 days ago
10 out of 10.I saw all these episodes.
JHP 18 days ago

for me the backgrounds gave everything away

KOLAK!!! what a funny ep:)
dalehaggins5867 18 days ago
Got 8/10 better than I thought cuz I guessed at alot of them lol
richaroo74 19 days ago
Can you guess which sitcom these aliens are from?
You got 9 out of 10
ShirleyTipton 19 days ago
7/10 I did better than I thought I would
WarGamz 19 days ago
You got 10 out of 10

Did you summon the right answers like magic or were a few of these questions alien to you?
Cool! 70% we’re guesses..
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