Can you identify these Looney Tunes characters in disguise?

Who wore these animal costumes, Halloween masks and suits of armor?

Disguising himself in order to fool his various adversaries is one of Bugs Bunny’s favorite tricks. There are plenty of other Looney Tunes characters who do the same. Usually, when Bugs pretends to be someone else, it’s obvious to everyone except Bugs' antagonist.

But sometimes there are brief moments when even the most famous cartoon faces are obscured. We've found 10 times Looney Tunes characters wore disguises that only cartoon experts can see through.

Can you identify who is wearing all these disguises?

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  1. Who is under this viking helmet?
  2. Who is pretending to be a scarecrow in the background of this cartoon?
  3. Who is this disguised as a fox?
  4. Who is inside this egg?
  5. Who is this trick-or-treater?
  6. Who is dressed as a rabbit looking out the window at a real rabbit?
  7. Who is this underwater explorer?
  8. Who is in this suit of armor?
  9. Who is this unusual army recruit?
  10. Who is in this less-than-convincing dog costume?

Can you identify these Looney Tunes characters in disguise?

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Pauly_789 5 days ago
Kinda surprised I missed one...I grew up watching Looney Toons every Saturday.
RichLorn 6 days ago
Like they say... "disguise" the limit. (sorry)
William386 7 days ago
9 out of 10 not bad William Brian mccloud
cperrynaples 7 days ago
A few comments: [1]While not a Looney Tune, let's not forget when Tom & Jerry fooled Spike with a dog head! [2] When I saw 1, all I could think was "Kill The Wabbit!"...LOL!
lynngdance 7 days ago
10/10! The last one is a bit of a trick question, since Pepe does make a cameo appearance in it.
Was that the one where Pepe snuggled with Sylvester? No wonder they call it "Gay Paree"...LOL!
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