Can you identify these UFOs from 1960s TV shows?

Spaceships turned up everywhere on television.

Aliens like to laugh, too. That might explain why UFOs frequently turned up sitcoms in the 1960s. Of course, they could be found on science-fiction shows, too.

Below, you will find a dozen groovy UFOs from Sixties television. We need you to be the Trivia Air Force and identify these flying objects!

Good luck!

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  1. That was a pretty sweet paint job that would make the hood of a Pontiac jealous.
  2. UFOs could even show up on sitcoms.
  3. People could be mistaken for UFOs, too.
  4. Getting zapped by this is no fun.
  5. Now that is one sleek ship.
  6. You gotta love the classic saucer shape.
  7. Do you remember this arrival?
    Image: Telepictures Corporation
  8. Eeeerie.
  9. This ship is rather pretty.
  10. Even puppets had spaceships.
    Image: Independent Television Corporation / Shout Factory
  11. Remember a character poking around this ship?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  12. Hopefully, these kids don't fool you, too.
    Image: NBCUniversal Television
Can you identify these UFOs from 1960s TV shows?

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scp 16 days ago
11 out of 12. I don't remember ever seeing a UFO on I Dream of Jeannie.
DiscoDave 22 days ago
Harder then I thought it would be. Just 6/12
MrBill 23 days ago
6/12; I guess I never paid much attention to the spaceships that appeared on shows.
KimThornadtsson 23 days ago
8/12. Can't believe I missed My Favorite Martian...I loved that show when I was a kid!
TomTerrrific 26 days ago
10/12... had to guess at a few. Number 8 is clearly the landing pad of C-57D from "Forbidden Planet", but I remembered that Twilight Zone sometimes use stock footage like that.
JohnBlair 27 days ago
"Can you identify these UFOs"???
Identify - Unidentified Flying Objects??? ahhhhh.... NO!?!?!?!
SheriHeffner 27 days ago
8 ou of 12. I didn't watch the shows I got wrong.
Stephen 27 days ago
You got 11 out of 12
Nothing gets past your eyes! No alien invasion would stand a chance with you on lookout. Nice work!
TVJunkie 27 days ago
Rats! Missed 3, 11 and 12. I cannot believe Fireball XL-5 showed up. I loved that show.
JeffTanner 28 days ago
''You got 12 out of 12'' ------------Nothing gets past your eyes! No alien invasion would stand a chance with you on lookout. Nice work!
cperrynaples 28 days ago
9/12 and a few explanations! [1] Don't remember that ship, I only got it because Who was B&W in the '60's and the Robinsons were stuck on the same planet! [3] I was almost going to check Flying Nun except Sally Field only wore white! [4] Well, I think we all saw THAT picture today...LOL! [7] Bill Bixby's head, and the only alien on DVD was Danny Thomas! [8] "It's a Cookbook!" [10-12] 3 misses in a row! Never watched the shows in 10, and I don't remember aliens on either Jeannie or Munsters! Batman and Addams seemed more logical to me!
9/12. {Missed 3, 6, & 11.} 1. You never watched the original Star Trek? If you did, then you should have recognized the Romulan Bird Of Prey. {complete with cloaking device.}
3. You almost checked the Flying Nun, I did check the Flying Nun! Originally, I thought it was Wonder Woman, then I remembered, she's from the '70's.
4. Not surprised the latest edition to Saturday Sci-Fi got a mention! {METV seems to like to do that: aside from "introducing" us to their latest schedule addition, they will also get mentioned in a quiz.}
I was surprised that METV didn't include The Monkees. I guess they figured others might consider them The Invaders because they have appeared/Invaded in and had quizzes made, about them.
For the uninitiated, the Monkees episode I'm talking about, is a second season one entitled: "Monkees Watch Their Feet."
P.S. If you remember this episode cperrynaples, then you know the answers to these questions. {Come; one, come all, who know the answers to these questions:}
1. Why wasn't Mike in the entire episode instead of just the opening?
2. What Was alien/robot Micky referring to when he said something like: "Don't tear off the cat's head!"
3. What was the robot coming onto {flirting with.}
I did the same thing almost. I thought it was Wonder Woman. But guessed it was Gilligan.
daDoctah cperrynaples 23 days ago
Maybe Danny Thomas was the only alien to appear on the Dick Van Dyke Show, but there was a flying saucer in another episode. One that said "Uhny Uftz", which Rob interprets as "Sonny Tufts" (its toymaker inventor meant it to say "Merry Christmas").

l got em all but then l have always considered myself some type of space cadet since l was hatched many millenia ago ...anyway shame on you Stephanie...l was starting to think that you were the perfect trivia androidess...query 3 was Gilligan testing the NASA rocket belt that just happened to show up in the castaways lagoon like the robots, cosmonauts , transatlantic comm cable and everything else, query 6 was one of the classic LIS pics though there were much better closeups...and query 11 was not really a ufo in the E.T. sense but rather the experimental NASA ship that Tony and Roger landed in the area of a family of hillbillies when they were off course due to Jeannie's interference as keep on perfecting your craft and eventually you will be so full of trivia that you might get abducted by aliens for future research on what many earthlings think are important to know when they get bored working on string theory and the cat's cradle with yoyos !
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