Can you match the correct TV mom to her kids?

We name the children, you name the mother.

It's never good to forget about Mother's Day. But how well do you remember other moms? We're talking about television moms in particular.

We've gathered the names of children characters from classic TV families — some are from sitcoms, some are from dramas. All you have to do is give us the character name of their mother.

Can you match the TV kids to the TV mom? Good luck!
  1. Marcia & Greg & Peter & Jan & Cindy & Bobby
  2. Lisa & Bart & Maggie
  3. Wally & Theodore
  4. Judy & Elroy
  5. Richie & Joanie & Chuck
  6. Eunice & Ellen & Vinton
  7. Keith & Laurie & Danny & Chris & Tracy
  8. Pugsley & Wednesday
  9. Marilyn & Eddie
  10. Alex & Mallory & Jennifer & Andy
  11. Denise & Theo & Vanessa & Rudy
  12. Mike & Carol & Ben & Chrissy
  13. Mary & Jeff & Trisha
  14. J.R. & Gary & Bobby
  15. Betty Jo & Bobbie Jo & Billie Jo
  16. David & Ricky
  17. John-Boy & Jason & Mary Ellen & Erin & Ben & Jim-Bob & Elizabeth Tyler
  18. Thelma & Michael & J.J.
  19. Nick & Jarrod & Audra & Heath
  20. Betty & Bud & Kathy
Can you match the correct TV mom to her kids?

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SusanJBautista 12 days ago
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KatHat 12 days ago

You got 20 out of 20
You are quite the trivia expert! Well done! Now go call your family.

Wish they would put Petticoat Junction on at a time when I'm actually up and moving! LOL
JeffTanner 14 days ago
''You got 20 out of 20'' -------------------You are quite the trivia expert! Well done! Now go call your family.
CarrieMcCourt 14 days ago
19/20 Missed the Growing Pains one. I have never seen even one episode.
Oh and Marilyn was the niece. Eddie was an only child.
LarryLeGros 14 days ago
16/20. Should have done better but was totally unfamiliar with some of the names.
Mark 14 days ago
I really love taking these quizzes, playing the games and reading the stories on the MeTV site. But lately it's become too polluted with scumbags who are trying to sell worthless crap and using this platform to try and scam people. it's time for the audience to take a stand and reply to these lowlifes telling them to get off the line. I also ask MeTV to do a better job policing and filtering comments to not allow these scumbags to post their advertisements on the sites. This is not the place for it. Thank you.
JeffTanner Mark 14 days ago
I agree with you 100%!!
SheriHeffner 14 days ago
20 out of 20. But Elizabeth was never called Elizabeth Tyler. As far as I know Elizabeth has never had a middle name, neither has John Boy, Jason, Ben or Erin.
Barry22 15 days ago
20/20, I know my Mommy Sharks!
MrBill 15 days ago
19/20; missed the Big Valley - never watched that show.
WILD 15 days ago
You got 15 out of 20
You are quite the trivia expert! Well done! Now go call your family.

Marilyn Munster was Lily Munsters Niece and not her daughter. That's why in every episode Marilyn called Lily, AUNT Lily.
HockeyMike 16 days ago
Lily Munster was not Marilyn`s Mom...She was Aunt Lily to her.
nemalki 16 days ago
20/20. I took guesses on a couple of them (not really a fan of westerns).
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