Can you match these Thanksgiving episode titles and plots to the correct TV shows?

Remember classics like "Thanksgiving Orphans" and "The Yalu Brick Road"?


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Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather, even if they are fictional characters on a television show.

We gathered some of the most memorable Thanksgiving episodes in TV history. Well, the titles and a brief description. See if you can match them to the correct series!

  1. "The Un-Underground Movie": Greg enlists his family to create a documentary about the First Thanksgiving.
  2. "The Yalu Brick Road": A Thanksgiving turkey sickens most of the camp with salmonella.
  3. "An Ill Wind": Aunt Effie is trapped with the family during a tornado.
  4. "The First Thanksgiving": Marion tells a tale of the first Thanksgiving to remind everyone that the holiday is about fellowship, not football.
  5. "Turkeys Away": "Oh, the humanity!"
  6. "Thanksgiving Orphans": We finally get to see Vera. Well, not really.
  7. "Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember": Gladys Kravits, the Stephens family, and Clara travel back to 17th-century Plymouth.
  8. "The Little Atheist": Dad and Mike lock horns over the soon-to-be-born baby Stivic's religion — or lack of it.
  9. "Elly's First Date": Mr. Drysdale persuades his stepson Sonny to go out on a date with Elly.
  10. "Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick": Mrs. Dubcek and her daughter Vicki come to a family's first Thanksgiving together.
  11. "Chip's Harvest": A neighborhood power outage threatens Thanksgiving.
  12. "No Nukes Is Good Nukes": An anti-nuke rally on Thanksgiving lands mom and dad in jail.
  13. "Over the River and Through the Woods": It's a stag Thanksgiving for Bob when Emily flies off to join a family reunion.
  14. "The Mom and Pop Store": Mr. Pitt wants to hold the Woody Woodpecker balloon in the parade.
  15. "Thanksgiving of '53": The Potters' home overflows with Thanksgiving guests.

Can you match these Thanksgiving episode titles and plots to the correct TV shows?

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MikefromJersey 7 months ago
"Gobble, gobble! You got 15 out of 15. Now matter what your score was, have a happy Thanksgiving""

Um, MeTV Guys? "Now matter what your score..."

Coldnorth 7 months ago
Only one wrong. I’m proud of myself
paulbryars 7 months ago
Thanksgiving Orphans from Cheers is an all time favorite .
nerakr 7 months ago
14/15. Missed #14, but I didn't watch two of those choices and knew very little about the third.
RedSamRackham 7 months ago
* Wow! 15 of 15! Perfect 100% Score! Some good guesses!
Lillyrose 7 months ago
14 out of 15. My favorite Thanksgiving episode is WKRP's "Turkeys Away." Absolutely hilarious!
bmoore4026 7 months ago
14 out of 15. Who the hell remembers AfterMASH!? MeTV is MASH crazy and I don't much care for it.
RedSamRackham bmoore4026 7 months ago
* I liked After-MASH. Sad that CBS didn't give it a fair chance to catch on!
kkvegas bmoore4026 7 months ago
I remembered that it existed, but I never watched it. I deduced the correct answer by the year (1953 was after the Korean War), and the name Potter (Col. Potter).
WGH 7 months ago

Thankfully all my relatives are dead and most of my wives. I can just sit home with her and my son and enjoy watching some football and eating food that I actually like.

Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and sweet potato pie
ThomasPotter WGH 6 months ago
I read that wrong....I thought you meant that most of your WIVES are dead....
JellyrollJackson 7 months ago
15/15. Happy Thanksgiving to all ☮️🫶🏼
JoltinJody 7 months ago

Every Thanksgiving I had to endure in 10 years of Thanksgivings at my ex-mother in law's home can be spot-on explained by Norm Peterson:

"[W]e gotta go to Vera's mother's. Such a drag. No beer, no TV, heat turned up to 80."
oneofthesedays1 7 months ago
15/15, early Christmas present with all the names being used in the questions.
May have made it easy for many of us, but felt so good while you were taking the quiz and seeing "correct" so many times.
Thanks Metv for the happy moment, I needed it at this time.
KirwoodDerby 7 months ago
I think you guys simplified the he'll out of this quiz. C'mon and challenge us a little. We're not beginners here.
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