Can you match these unique menu items to the correct breakfast chain?

It takes a real egghead to pass this restaurant quiz.

Nothing beats the smells of coffee and bacon in the morning. Especially when you're not doing the cooking.

Breakfast has been big business for restaurants for decades. In fact, some of our favorites are sadly gone. But most of the stuff below can still be found. They're such unique menu items, that almost all of them have a registered trademark next to the name on the menu.

See if you can match these breakfasts of champions to the correct chains. If you pass this quiz, you truly are the champion of breakfast.

  1. Where would you eat the Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity?
  2. Pick the place that serves up Moons Over My Hammy.
  3. How about the Grand Slam Slugger?
  4. This fast food chain introduced its Big Breakfast in 1977.
  5. This fast food chain first served up its Croissan'wich in 1983.
  6. Where would you order Uncle Herschel's Favorite?
  7. Okay, how about Papa's Joe's Pork Chops & Eggs?
  8. This bygone chain featured the Tommy Tucker Plate on its children's menu.
  9. Where can you find something called The Original Farmer's Choice?
  10. Not to be confused with a classic French novel, The Wrap of Monte Cristo can be found here.
  11. Finally, this chain, founded in 1953, offers The Tahitian Maiden's Dream.

Can you match these unique menu items to the correct breakfast chain?

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EmBee 4 months ago
I knew most of them but had a few educated guesses that panned out.
idkwut2use 12 months ago
Missed the last two and #5; thought the Croissanwiches came from McDonald's. xD
DouglasMorris 12 months ago
8/11! missed numbers 1,7, and 8. a lot better.
SheriHeffner 16 months ago
7 out of 11. I didn't know all of those places because we NEVER ate breakfast out hardly at all when I was growing up. Mainly because my father hated anyone's breakfast but my moms. Plus he was bipolar and called half of the restaurants "Slop house!" He was a very miserable man. And he made everyone as miserable as he was. I hate to say that about a man that is no longer with us, but he was like that all of my life.
AllisonWunderland 16 months ago
I would take my Grannys breakfast over these any day! 😉🥞🥓🍳🥔
Bobbo 16 months ago
Love me a good Monte Cristo!
MrBill 16 months ago
6/11; a lot of these I never heard of.
AllisonWunderland MrBill 16 months ago
Me neither...
Joe 16 months ago
I remember those Howard Johnson's menus!
thedude1500 Joe 16 months ago
Miss their fried clams
LindaWilliams 16 months ago
8/11 Your knowledge of breakfast menus is hot and sizzlin'! Nice work!
JeffTanner 16 months ago
''You got 7 out of 11'' -------------We hope that you don't have egg on your face.
MrsPhilHarris 16 months ago
7/11 Haven't heard of many of them.
Stephen 16 months ago
You got 7 out of 11
We hope that you don't have egg on your face.

Still have a croissanwich every chance I get.
JuneMiller 16 months ago
You got 6 out of 11
We hope that you don't have egg on your face.
Don't eat breakfast out much, never have. I USED to catch the breakfast buffet at The Iron Skillet w/ my sweetie after we "shut the bar down" ;)
Lantern 16 months ago
I'm in SoCal - some of these places are unknown to me.
thedude1500 Lantern 16 months ago
You would have had Brown Derby and Sambo's
Yep! I grew up in LA
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