Can you name all these Daffy Duck characters?

The iconic duck had many alter egos in classic cartoons.

Daffy Duck evolved from a wacky, hyperactive trickster to a sarcastic, confident swindler who still had a few tricks up his sleeve. Like fellow cartoon icon Bugs Bunny, Daffy became a star in his own right, which meant he could appear as other characters besides himself in select cartoons, usually credited as “Daffy Duck in…” 

Daffy always fancied himself the hero, whether that meant traveling through space, battling outlaws in the Old West or solving mysteries as one of many detective alter egos.

How well do you know the many faces of Daffy Duck? Try to name all these wacky, or should we say quacky, cartoon characters!

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  1. Who is Daffy Duck in this cartoon?
  2. Daffy explored space as...
  3. In this cartoon, Porky was "Watkins" and Daffy was detective...
  4. Daffy pitched an adventure movie starring...
  5. Daffy imagined he was a detective modeled after his favorite comic book character. He was...
  6. Daffy parodied a 1950s TV detective as...
  7. Daffy's Western hero was known by the title...
  8. Who is Daffy disguised as here?
  9. Daffy played this hardboiled detective named...
  10. Daffy knocks on the "door" of Porky's diver helmet as a salesman parodying...

Can you name all these Daffy Duck characters?

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CrispyDave 17 months ago
Nooooo! Goldie/ofc. Newtotheforce is a fave. She & Mr. Qwizzer are where its at!
JPC 18 months ago
Hi I love Daffy Duck and all of his friends like Bugs Bunny et Al! Those cartoons were the greatest cartoons. I don'tike some of the cartoons of today. I also love The Smurfs, Scoopy Doo, The Flintstones, The Jetsons and Jonny Quest. Just because I am 67years old doesn't mean that I can't watch cartoons. I even watch Boomerang Cartoon Stations. Cartoons that are good like Tom and Jerry and Pepe Le Pew as well as Speedy Gonzales and Woody Woodpecker that I grew up watching makes me young at heart even today so I wish to thank all of you for these great cartoons!
geatornez82 19 months ago
10/10, but Number 9 threw me off for a moment.
MikefromJersey 20 months ago
"You got 9 out of 10. You took a quack at this quiz and did great!"

Daffy Rules, Bugs drools. Bugs Bunny recycled a lot of gags/scripts.
robyni23 20 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
You took a quack at this quiz and did great!
Missed #3 & #9
UhHuh robyni23 20 months ago
Same here 3 & 9 . We must have missed the same cartoons.
Tresix 20 months ago
8/10. No Limehouse Harry? For shame!
TheOnlyONE 20 months ago
10/10. How daffy this quiz was.
RichLorn 20 months ago
He was typecast as a flat foot.
Allie6006 20 months ago
That is a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing the game.
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