Can you name these Hooterville residents from Green Acres and Petticoat Junction?

Do you know the surnames after Oliver, Eb, Sam, Uncle Joe and Kate?

Marvel has made interconnected universes all the rage but producer Paul Henning was doing it way back in the 1960s! His shows The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction and Green Acres all crossed over with one another, usually in the fictional town of Hooterville.

Though each show has a set cast, plenty of the town's residents show up in all three — especially Petticoat Junction and Green Acres.

How well do you know Hooterville's eclectic inhabitants? See if you can fill in the blanks for each character's last name. Good luck!

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  1. Oliver and Lisa ______ moved from New York City to Hooterville.
  2. Eb ______ likes to think of Oliver and Lisa as his parents.
  3. Mr. ______ always knows exactly what to sell Oliver.
  4. Kate, Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo and Betty Jo ______ run the Shady Rest Hotel.
  5. Uncle Joe ______ is the self-described “manager” of the Shady Rest Hotel.
  6. Sam ______ runs the general store.
  7. Hank ______ is the county agricultural agent.
  8. Floyd ______ is the conductor of the train to Hooterville.
  9. Charley ______ is the engineer of the train to Hooterville.
  10. Fred, Doris and their “son” Arnold the pig make up the ______ family.
  11. Alf and Ralph ______ are constantly trying to fix Oliver’s house.
  12. Steve ______ crash lands in Hooterville and eventually marries Betty Jo.
  13. June Lockhart played Dr. Janet ______ during the last two seasons of Petticoat Junction.
  14. Grandpappy ______ was one of the oldest residents in Hooterville and hard of hearing.

Can you name these Hooterville residents from Green Acres and Petticoat Junction?

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Mukusthebadd1 21 hours ago
I missed 13 and 14. Now to churn a tub of chickens milk!
Tommy 1 day ago
13/14 missed last one. Love those shows
MarthaWashington 3 days ago
Thought I knew all of the characters, but who's Grandpappy Miller?
He played the cymbals in the VFD band.
CaptainDunsel 4 days ago
That was SCARY! I blazed through that like a grass fire across the prairie. But I never imagined I was that much of a Hooterville Booster!
(To quote Simon Phoenix, "Dayam! I'm possessed!"
OnlyWatchMeTV 4 days ago
10/14, a bit better than I expected.
calibear2021 4 days ago
Well i only got 12 out of 14 that is miss two
daDoctah 4 days ago
Left out a few of my faves: Homer Bedloe (played by perennial "crotchety old man" Charles Lane), Selma Plout (Kate Bradley's arch-rival), and Howard Hewes (not on either "Junction" or "Acres" but a Hooterville farmer mistaken for billionaire Howard Hughes in the two-part crossover with "The Beverly Hillbillies").
Filmnoirfan 5 days ago
12/14 - purely guesses having never seen one episode of that show
a1k9 5 days ago
I am getting good on guessing. 14/14.
Jeremy 5 days ago
I almost picked the right answer on #9 and #14, I missed because I never really heard of him.
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