Can you remember the top 10 movies of 1989 from the poster art alone?

Sequels! Superheroes! Special effects! It's nothing new. Just take a look at the box office successes from 30 years ago. Sure, there was the occasional heart-wrenching drama in there, but that's not so different from today.

Three decades later, these films remain favorites. Heck, some of them still have sequels — or reboots — in the works. See if you can name them all. Just one catch — we're only showing you a portion of the poster and total worldwide gross. Good luck!
  1. Who says Indy pictures don't make money? This hauled in $474,171,806.
    Image: Paramount
  2. This hero made a whopping $411,348,924.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  3. $331,950,002 proved it never hurts to go back.
    Image: Universal
  4. This kiddie comedy crawled its way to $296,999,813.
    Image: TriStar
  5. This drama merited $235,860,116.
    Image: Touchstone
  6. These buddy cops nabbed $227,853,986.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  7. This family film made a huge $222,724,172 at the box office.
    Image: Disney
  8. This blockbuster earned $215,394,738.
    Image: Columbia
  9. This animated Disney flick raked in $184,155,863.
    Image: Disney
  10. This movie cruised to $161,001,698 at the box office.
    Image: Universal
Can you remember the top 10 movies of 1989 from the poster art alone?

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Geronimo 3 months ago
dave 3 months ago
Way to Easy. 10/10 You have chosen… wisely! Way to go, movie buff!
moax429 dave 3 months ago
Agreed. Again, showing who owned what photo made it more of a giveaway (at least, for me).
DiscoDave 3 months ago
7 out of 10. Missed #1 (Raiders), #8 (Ghostbusters) and #9 (Little Mermaid)
Lucyneenah19701 3 months ago
5 out of 10.
Geronimo Lucyneenah19701 3 months ago
You are so stupid...........................
Dave 3 months ago
I see that you guys posted the previously redacted Little Mermaid art before they changed it. Watch out for those whoozits, whatsits and thingamabobs! ;)
EllisClevenger 3 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
You have chosen… wisely! Way to go, movie buff!
Lacey 3 months ago
ALMOST tricked me with #10 but then I remembered that Top Gun was available on video by 1989.
UTZAAKE 3 months ago
9/10. Foiled by #8. Blew a slam dunk. Got too careless.
Michael51202800 3 months ago
100% thanks to my video store days. How sneaky to sneak in the little mermaid into this. With the original VHS design!!! Naughty Naughty!!!
AndrewHass 3 months ago
I was 6/10 but i still got over 50%.
cperrynaples 3 months ago
10/10! Knew 'em all!!
anthony cperrynaples 3 months ago
Ah...I think that's implied in your 10/10.😋 Congratulations 👍cperrynaples.!After your last showing on the Pina Coloda song quiz,you needed that right?
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