Can you solve real Jeopardy clues that are exclusively about cartoons?

Sufferin' Succotash! Sometimes the smart thing to do is watch cartoons.

On Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek delivers a wide range of clues and through the show's history, that definitely extended to include cartoons. Yes, that means your favorite cartoon snuck into one of TV's most serious shows, as much a part of the pop lexicon as anything else.

So if you're a cartoon buff, here's your chance to become today's Jeopardy! champ. We've pulled real questions from the show, thanks to j-archive, with clues all about cartoons. Prove there's no question about your cartoon expertise below and see if you can get a perfect score.
  1. You pick category "3 of a Kind" for $200: This animated character's nephews are Huey, Dewey & Louie.
  2. You pick category "What Kind of Animal Are You?" for $200: Rocky of Rocky & Bullwinkle fame.
  3. You pick category "Animated Felines" for $200: Mel Blanc said the voice of this tormentor of Tweety was the closest to his own speaking voice.
  4. You pick category "Pup Quiz" for $400: Despite being a total chicken, this animated Great Dane stumbles on clues to help Fred & the gang solve mysteries.
  5. You pick category "3 Dimensional" for $400: This animated trio behind novelty songs, TV shows & movies consists of Alvin, Simon & Theodore.
  6. You pick category "Great Stuff" for $800: "I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night," wrote Linus to this entity on an animated TV special.
  7. You pick category "Presidential Celebs?" for $800: Get smart & tell us the name of the guy who provided the voice for the animated Inspector Gadget.
  8. You pick category "Button It!" for $800: On this animated TV show, George & Jane got "button finger" from pushing too many futuristic devices
  9. You pick category "Animated Felines" for $1000: After appearing as Geppeto's pet in "Pinocchio," this cat with the operatic name became Minnie Mouse's pet.
  10. You pick category "Popular Mechanics" for $1200: Sparkplug Witwicky was a character in this animated TV series whose main characters could use a good mechanic.
  11. You pick category "I Get Around" for $1600: This instantly recognizable car is a real version of the Mach Five driven by this animated hero, known in Japan as Go Mifune.
    Image: YouTube
  12. You pick category "Pioneering Television" for $1600: In 1950, "Crusader Rabbit" was the 1st cartoon made for TV; this 1960 show about a family was the 1st animated primetime series.
  13. Last question. You pick category "Animated Characters" for $2000: The name of this young scientist on "Felix the Cat" has become slang for an egghead or nerd.

Can you solve real Jeopardy clues that are exclusively about cartoons?

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Amalthea 12 days ago
13/13. I never watched "Transformers", but the phrase "main characters" - the plural - gave me the answer.
Runeshaper 1 month ago
You got 12 out of 13
Foiled again! Sparkplug Witwicky got me LOL
Amalthea Runeshaper 12 days ago
I almost stuck on that one; the giveaway to the answer was in the statement "whose main characters could use a good mechanic." The plural told me which it was.
EllisClevenger 6 months ago
You got 12 out of 13
Foiled again!
Missed #10. Sometimes I guess wrong.
Geronimo 6 months ago
Should have been perfect..........................12/13
BubbaPacha77511 6 months ago
13/13....watched tons of cartoons growing up in the early 80s
Lacey 7 months ago
12/13 I was never a Transformers fan. Knew of the series, but could never have identified any characters.
These were pretty generic questions METV. How about a round with some more challenging ones?
Geronimo Lacey 6 months ago
Thats the one I missed
Amalthea Geronimo 12 days ago
Not me. I didn't watch "Transformers", but "main characters" is what gave me the answer.
LeeHarper 7 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
Aloha, cartoon Jeopardy! champ! You win!

And on to the Bonus Round, Alex.
CarrieMcCourt 7 months ago
12/13 Missed #10
Lacey CarrieMcCourt 7 months ago
Seems to be a popular one to miss.
ErinWard 7 months ago
I missed the Transformers one also.
Kirsten 7 months ago

You got 13 out of 13
Aloha, cartoon Jeopardy! champ! You win!
EmBee 7 months ago
You could only come up with 13?
M 7 months ago

UTZAAKE 7 months ago
12/13. Foiled by #10.
3. Actually Tweety did more of the tormenting.
thedude1500 UTZAAKE 7 months ago
All Sylvester wants to do is eat to survive. Tweety sadistically tortures him while watching him starve to death.
cperrynaples thedude1500 6 months ago
Yep, and Jerry did the same to Tom! I actually felt sorry for Tom! Then again, if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have Itchy and Scratchy!
Dale 7 months ago
Only missed # 12. But I wasn't alive in 1950 so that's my excuse.
But shouldn't question...or answer # 13 been called Final Jeopardy?
Groovy_Chainsaw 7 months ago
12 for 13. Minnie Mouse had a pet cat ?!? Now I've heard everything !
Lacey Groovy_Chainsaw 7 months ago
I got that one right, but do not remember the pet cat thing.
cperrynaples Lacey 6 months ago
Well , it is any crazier than Pluto living with both Mickey AND Goofy?
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