Can you tell the difference between a real movie and a fake film from The Andy Griffith Show?

Was this a title playing at the Mayberry Theater… or on Svengoolie?!

The late Fifties were a golden era for science-fiction B-movies. Giant monsters, flying saucers, invading insects, 50 ft. women—you name it, it probably attacked Earth. 

Well, it seems like that genre was a bit hit in Mayberry in the early 1960s. Maybe it took a little longer for pictures to make their premiere down there. 

Throughout The Andy Griffith Show, many movies are mentioned playing at the Mayberry Theater. They're all made-up. But they sure sound real!

Let's see if you can tell the difference between a real movie and a phony flick from The Andy Griffith Show. In fact, the real ones have all appeared on our own Svengoolie!

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  1. Sheriff Without a Gun
  2. Billy the Kid Versus Dracula
  3. Dinosaurus!
  4. The Beast that Ate Minnesota
  5. The Anteaters from Outer Space
  6. The Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women
  7. The House Without Windows
  8. The Monster from Out of Town
  9. Creature with the Atom Brain
  10. The Monolith Monsters
  11. The Monster from Mars
  12. The Giant Claw

Can you tell the difference between a real movie and a fake film from The Andy Griffith Show?

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MrBill 24 days ago
10/12; lots of guesswork but still did well.
RoberttheWallace 27 days ago
12/12--Loved all of those 50's movies since they were in my era; 'specially monumentally enjoyed " THEM " { the giant ants--with James Arness }!
frenchman71 28 days ago
12/12. I remember some of the titles mentioned in "TAGS". And I'm a big 50s sci-fi fan so I know those titles, too.
RobertK 28 days ago
11 of 12! I missed #7, The House Without Windows. I zipped through this quiz real fast because most questions were pretty easy. I should have got this one, I just took a wild guess. Another fun quiz!!
BobInBG78 28 days ago
Gomer Pyle USMC loved him some Ma & Pa Kettle and Godziller films...sometimes wearing his Har-waiian shirt and shoes from It-lee (Thats "Italy" for you non-Southerners)
kevopilis 28 days ago
9/12. I made one mistake and answered the wrong question, also- "The island of mysterious Beautiful Women? Why haven't I seen that one? Nothing like a B movie with wild women, they're usually underdressed.
MaryAnnArlotta 28 days ago
#7 The House Without Windows is an actual movie.
Edward 29 days ago
PERFECT. Great guess work. Should I 'pick 6 ?' Maybe.
Tlor 29 days ago
Well rats, missed number7 it sounded like something from the 50s
ndebrabant 29 days ago
You got 11 out of 12
Impressive work! Mayberry After Midnight gives your performance 3.5 clovers! They are hard critics to please. They gave the same rating to "the suspense movie of the year."
Muleskinner 29 days ago
11/12. I was sure that Sven showed The Anteaters From Outer Space! 🤔
JanMMitchell 29 days ago
I got 10 0ut of 12 in the Mayberry quiz.
ChrisThomas 29 days ago
Here's a question for all Andy Griffith fans that I'll bet few if any will be able to answer.

Did something happen that almost prevented the Andy Griffith show from ever airing?
PLEASE tell us, Chris or anyone !!!
Inquiring minds want to KNOW
Doola005 29 days ago
12 out of 12. I am a huge cheesy horror movie fan. Plus I watch Sven every Saturday night.
frances3agape Doola005 28 days ago
I am not a cheesy fan, but old timey horror fan
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