Can you tell the difference between Gomer Pyle and Goober Pyle?

Can you tell these two Mayberry mechanics apart?

Gomer Pyle and Goober Pyle brought comic relief to Mayberry — and a little auto repair here and there. The related characters had a lot in common. Both of them worked at Wally's Filling Station. Both of them were deputized when Barney needed a hand. 

Still, they had their differences, from wardrobe to catchphrases to girlfriends. Can you tell them apart?
  1. He joined the Marines.
  2. He often exclaimed his catchphrase, "Shazam!"
  3. He often wore a whoopee cap.
  4. When he was introduced on 'The Andy Griffith Show,' he had the last name "Beasley."
  5. He first appeared in season three of 'The Andy Griffith Show.'
  6. In his first episode, he was seen cutting into a bank vault with a blowtorch.
  7. He adopts a stray dog — and thinks the pooch can speak English. But really, it was just a walkie talkie hidden in his collar.
  8. He was in love with Flora Malherbe.
  9. He was in love with Lou Ann Poovie.
  10. This character appeared on a 1966 episode of 'The Lucy Show.'
  11. He appears in the color episodes of 'The Andy Griffith Show.'
  12. His brother Braden was a NASA rocket scientist.
Can you tell the difference between Gomer Pyle and Goober Pyle?

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Geronimo 4 hours ago
Surprise Surprise Surprise...........................12/12
ClassicLover 1 day ago
11/12. Got the last name one wrong. Always thought Goober was Pyle
JeffTanner 2 days ago
I got 9 out of 12. Not too bad.
NoahBody 4 days ago
10/12 Shazam !!! i guess i have to watch more Andy Griffith shows before Gomer puts me under citizens arrest !!!!
RedSamRackham 4 days ago
Disappointed when Goober's girlfriend Flora was dropped. Loved her on Andy Griffith and in Beach movies as 1 of Eric Von Zipper's biker babes. ♣
Well, How many did you get right, RedSamRackham?
MrBill 6 days ago
12/12; I am a big fan of The Andy Griffith Show so this one was easy for me.
teire 8 days ago
10/12. Surprised, surprised, surprised that I did that well.
cperrynaples 8 days ago
7/12! I feel just as bad as Barney!!
ndebrabant 9 days ago

You got 11 out of 12
Surprise, surprise, surprise! Look who knows everything about The Andy Griffith Show!
MikeD 9 days ago
Gomer is a cousin to Goober
anthony MikeD 8 days ago
Yep,and Goober says "Hey"!
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