Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions that are exclusively about The Andy Griffith Show?

Who is the trivia champ of Mayberry?

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Do you love the classic quiz show Jeopardy! as much as you love visiting Mayberry? Then this quiz is definitely for you.

Thanks to the fantastic j-archive, we've pulled a dozen real questions actually asked on the quiz show that reference the classic TV hit The Andy Griffith Show.

These questions are easy as Aunt Bee's pie, so to emerge as the champ, you can make no mistakes in this Mayberry quiz - which also includes trivia about spin-offs, as well as other movies and TV shows of The Andy Griffith Show stars. It's all or nothing to win today.

Will you get the perfect score or will Alex Trebek manage to stump even you? Good luck!
  1. It's the first round. You select Category: Crackers for $200. The clue is: In ads Andy Griffith said, "Everything's great when it sits on" one of these buttery crackers.
  2. You select Category: Small-screen Crime Fighters for $400. The clue is: Played by Don Knotts, this small-screen cop helped keep the peace in Mayberry.
  3. You select Category: TV Sitcoms for $400. The clue is: In the '60s, this character was Camp Henderson's new recruit from Mayberry.
  4. You select Category: Small Screen Families for $400. The clue is: The Taylors of Mayberry & the Taylors of Detroit.
  5. You select Category: Raleigh for $800. The clue is: Raleigh boasts a statue of these 2 actors - with fishing poles - as they appeared on a beloved N.C.-set TV series.
  6. You select Category: 20 Years Later for $1000. The clue is: 1964: Acted on a Top-10 rated TV show; 1984: Directed "Splash."
  7. You select Category: The Tao of Steve for $1000. The clue is: The New York Post said this actor seen here "resembles a strange mix of Don Knotts, Peter Lorre & David Carradine."
  8. It's time for Double Jeopardy! You select Category: The Emmys 1967 for $800. The clue is: Nip it in the bud & name this man who won for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.
  9. You select Category: TV Initials for $1200. The clue is: The last episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" served as the pilot for "Mayberry" this.
  10. You select Category: October 1955 for $1600. The clue is: Andy Griffith & Don Knotts opened on Broadway October 20, 1955 in this play.
  11. You select Category: Top TV Shows for $1600. The clue is: Hit spinoffs from "The Andy Griffith Show" included "Mayberry RFD" & "Gomer Pyle", with this actor as the title U.S. Marine.
  12. Consider this last question final Jeopardy. You select Category: Lawyer TV for $2000. The clue is: Andy Griffith as a Southern lawyer & favorite of Grandpa Simpson.
Can you answer real Jeopardy! questions that are exclusively about The Andy Griffith Show?

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bobb9343 6 days ago
12/12. Nothing like the Andy Griffith Show ... and MeTV!
jholton30062 6 days ago
12/12, and not a question about Aunt Bee, Otis Campbell, Floyd Lawson, Helen Crump, or Howard Sprague...
MrBill 7 days ago
12/12; easy one for me. I am a big fan of The Andy Griffith Show and Home Improvement and I breezed right thru this quiz.
EllisClevenger 10 days ago
You got 12 out of 12
Champion! You made all of Mayberry proud!
MrsPhilHarris 11 days ago
11/12 Missed Home Improvement. Never seen it.
You didn't miss a thing.
ndebrabant 11 days ago

You got 11 out of 12
Andy says, "I don't know...." He thought you'd do better than that!
UnicornPrincess 12 days ago
12/12! I'm probably from Mayberry. :)
cperrynaples 12 days ago
You gave me a score of 11, but I know I got a perfect 12! 7 isn't really a TAGS question, that's like saying David Carradine makes it a Kung Fu question!
12/12. Yes, #7 wasn't about TAGS at all.
teire cperrynaples 12 days ago
Technically neither is the first question about the Andy Griffith Show (Ritz commercial), or the last question (Matlock). Or the question about No Time for Sergeants. I think it's fine. All's fair in MeTV and Jeopardy.
cperrynaples teire 11 days ago
Actually, I have no problems with those questions. If you saw the Ritz commercial, Griffith was channeling Andy Taylor [Good cracker!]. Likewise, Matlock had a lot of TAGS DNA, and NTFS was clearly a precursor to TAGS. Fun fact: ABC attempted a NTFS series in 1964 and made the fatal mistake of putting in on against TAGS!
teire cperrynaples 11 days ago
I actually remember that show, my family watched the first episode or so out of curiosity. My parents were big fans of the movie. Thanks for the reminder!
I don't think you understand what a perfect score is.
TimothyFarner teire 6 days ago
It was explained at the beginning...

From above - "Thanks to the fantastic j(eopardy)-archive, we've pulled a dozen real questions actually asked on the quiz show that reference the classic TV hit The Andy Griffith Show."
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