Can you tell the difference between Mama’s Family episodes and country songs?

Hint: The right answer has “Mama” in it…

The zany sitcom Mama’s Family follows a cranky old woman played by Vicki Lawrence (in her 30s) and her wacky family members. It ran for six seasons and even won an Emmy for costume design. Not bad for a show taken from a Carol Burnett Show sketch!

Here are 20 different “Mama” titles. Can you guess which ones are episodes of the classic sitcom and which ones are country songs about mom?

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  1. "Mama Gets a Job"
  2. "Mama’s Song"
  3. "Black Belt Mama"
  4. "I’m the Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised)"
  5. "Mama Cries Uncle"
  6. "Mama with the Golden Arm"
  7. "Mama Don’t Forget to Pray for Me"
  8. "Educating Mama"
  9. "Mama He’s Crazy"
  10. "Mama Knows"
  11. "Have It Mama’s Way"
  12. "Roses for Mama"
  13. "A Big Hand for Mama"
  14. "Mama’s Silver"
  15. "Mama Tried"
  16. "The Mama of Invention"
  17. "Mama Sang a Song"
  18. "Pistol Packin’ Mama"
  19. "Mama Gets Goosed"
  20. "Mama’s Table"

Can you tell the difference between Mama’s Family episodes and country songs?

Your Result...

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Andybandit 26 days ago
I got 11/20. I got #8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19 wrong. I like Mama's Family, but don't like country music.
richardkel 26 days ago
20/20. Guessed on a few. Recognized most of the songs, but pretty much all of the TV show episodes. Not by title, but by the story line.
hyppymom 26 days ago
19/20, go figure. I just knew the music. I've only seen the show a handful of times.
Maverick66 27 days ago
19/20. Thanks to my knowledge of country music since I can't stand Mama's Family (it's as bad as Full House as far as I'm concerned).
hyppymom Maverick66 26 days ago
I agree 100% with every word!
daDoctah 27 days ago
19/20. I've never watched the show (did see all the "Family" sketches on the Carol Burnett Show though), and I'm not really a big country music fan but a lot of those were *really* big hits.
Wendy57 27 days ago
Been a long time since I’ve gotten them all correct. Mama Mia I’m happy !
tmac1951 27 days ago
Man that hint sure helped…………NOT
CaptainDunsel 27 days ago
"Mama He's Crazy" was the only one I knew for sure.
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