Can you tell the difference between Mama’s Family episodes and country songs?

Hint: The right answer has “Mama” in it…

The zany sitcom Mama’s Family follows a cranky old woman played by Vicki Lawrence (in her 30s) and her wacky family members. It ran for six seasons and even won an Emmy for costume design. Not bad for a show taken from a Carol Burnett Show sketch!

Here are 20 different “Mama” titles. Can you guess which ones are episodes of the classic sitcom and which ones are country songs about mom?

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  1. "Mama Gets a Job"
  2. "Mama’s Song"
  3. "Black Belt Mama"
  4. "I’m the Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised)"
  5. "Mama Cries Uncle"
  6. "Mama with the Golden Arm"
  7. "Mama Don’t Forget to Pray for Me"
  8. "Educating Mama"
  9. "Mama He’s Crazy"
  10. "Mama Knows"
  11. "Have It Mama’s Way"
  12. "Roses for Mama"
  13. "A Big Hand for Mama"
  14. "Mama’s Silver"
  15. "Mama Tried"
  16. "The Mama of Invention"
  17. "Mama Sang a Song"
  18. "Pistol Packin’ Mama"
  19. "Mama Gets Goosed"
  20. "Mama’s Table"

Can you tell the difference between Mama’s Family episodes and country songs?

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frances3agape 4 months ago
WooHoo - finally a decent score 18 of 20 !

BTW, in Sept 1989 we got to go to the Tennessee-UCLA football game in Calif.
The 3 highlights were (in no particular order):
Tennessee winning 24 to 6
The Hollywood Museum
going to a free taping of MAMA'S FAMILY!
Forgive my, senility but I think it was "Mama Fights Back".

During a set break, someone on stage asked for audience questions.
One person asked a question and then there were no more hands raised, so shy me did.
For asking the best question, "How long do you have to learn your lines?" (3-4 days before taping Thurs/Fri), I was awarded a bottle of perfume (50 percent odds!)
susiewaldridge 4 months ago
Can you tell the difference between Mama’s Family episodes and country songs?

You got 17 out of 20
HopeDuchaine 4 months ago
14/20. Boy, did I cause a booboo.
EllisClevenger 4 months ago
You got 17 out of 20
You really knew the tune of this quiz! Great job!
Missed #10, #17, and #20.
Bob 4 months ago
17/20 and almost all of them were guesses.
hermanstein2015 4 months ago
I got 17 out of 20 not to bad. I grew up in the 90s loving old country from the 80s today's "country" isn't the same.
Dizzydude 4 months ago
I hated when they put a wig on Naomi she was hotrer with her own straight hair.
JimmyRad75 4 months ago
19/20. "Have it Mama's Way" tricked me.
ELEANOR 4 months ago
So who can remember names of the episodes? Who can remember who wore what? The only notable item was how just sticking a wig and an old house dress on Vicki Lawrence instantly turned her into Mama.
clg1960 4 months ago
18/20 Haven’t seen this show in awhile. Still love it though💜💜💜
Muleskinner 4 months ago
20/20. I knew the tune of this quiz!
BrianMoore 4 months ago
20 out of 20. I know my Mama's Family. I don't care what some may think but I love this show.
HopeDuchaine BrianMoore 4 months ago
It is also my favorite. It never gets old.
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