Can you tell what song Hawkeye is singing on M*A*S*H?

Capt. Benjamin Hawkeye Pierce wasn't afraid to stretch his vocal cords at the 4077th. Did you recognize the songs he belted out?

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Hawkeye Pierce did whatever he could to pass the time at the 4077th on M*A*S*H. Often, it was messing with Frank Burns or chatting with Radar, other times it was singing! 

See if you can tell what song he was singing below, given an image and a few lyrics. 

Good luck!

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  1. At the start of the "Henry, Please Come Home" episode, Hawkeye sings "In some secluded rendezvous, that overlooks the avenue. With someone sharing a delightful chat..." What song is this?
  2. In Col. Potter's first episode, he shares a drink and a tune with Hawkeye and Hunnicutt. "There's a long long night of waiting, until my dreams all come true." What song is this?
  3. In "Mail Call Three," Hawkeye and Father Mulcahy sing what song with the lyrics... "You'll get a pain in your tum-tum!"
  4. What song does Hawkeye and the whole O.R. sing when a patient is holding a live grenade?
  5. No hint this time! Can you remember what song Hawkeye is singing in his famous shirt while combing his hair?
  6. Hawkeye isn't thrilled when Margaret takes over in this scene... What song are they singing? "I'll turn to the right, a little white light..."
  7. Hawkeye, on top of a mess hall table, belts out what song with the lyrics... "I'm a total wreck, a worthless check, a flop!"
  8. In the episode "Movie Tonight," what is the first song the whole camp sings after Klinger messes up the movie film? Hint: One line from the song is: "My friend stole my sweetheart from me."

Can you tell what song Hawkeye is singing on M*A*S*H?

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GonzoStrangelove 10 months ago
I've developed a bad habit of clicking on a different answer than the one I intended. Would have been 7/8 without the fat fingers. Good quiz!
I can and will commiserate I too hit the wrong answer but mine are because of arthritic digits
Zip 10 months ago
Just missed the last one. A lot of guesses, too.
JeffPaul76 10 months ago
"You got 8 out of 8 correct!" ------"You took this quiz with perfect harmony, nice job!"
JHP 10 months ago
7/9 no big deal - But #6 cracks me up every time

#2 is as golden a scene in any show as can be
JeffPaul76 JHP 10 months ago
There were only 8 questions, how could you get 7 out of 9?
JHP JeffPaul76 10 months ago
ahhh dirty keyboard:)
mikemapes 10 months ago
7/8....There also was an episode with Hawkeye singing 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'...."They asked me how I knew her Brazzer was blue..."
cperrynaples mikemapes 10 months ago
Yep, I remember that from season 1!
JHP mikemapes 10 months ago
he was taking a shower at the time
JeffPaul76 mikemapes 10 months ago
It's Brassiere.
Rob 10 months ago
7/8. I missed #5. I remember Hawkeye singing but I didn’t know the name of the song!
Andybandit 10 months ago
I got 2/8. I only got #2 and 8 right. I really didn't know what Hawkeye sang obviously.
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