Do these unique names belong to Star Trek characters or actors?

Do you know Blaisdell Makee from Jojo Krako?

Legendary Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and his fellow writers had to come up with dozens of far-flung planets to fill the final frontier. And since many of these worlds were populated, all kinds of distinct characters showed up in the iconic sci-fi series.

It goes without saying that each alien had a very unique name, but what even the biggest Trekkies might not realize is that many of the actors in Star Trek also had names you don’t hear every day.

How well do you know the characters of Star Trek and the actors who played them? Try to guess if the names below belong to a fictional character or a real-life actor!

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  1. Harry Mudd
  2. BarBara Luna
  3. Cloud William
  4. Angelique Pettyjohn
  5. Malachi Throne
  6. Cyrano Jones
  7. Kermit Murdock
  8. Bela Oxmyx
  9. Jojo Krako
  10. Marj Dusay
  11. Lee Kelso
  12. Aurelan Kirk
  13. Tige Andrews
  14. Zefram Cochrane
  15. Theodore Marcuse
  16. Lenore Karidian
  17. Sid Haig
  18. Pilar Seurat
  19. Areel Shaw
  20. Blaisdell Makee

Do these unique names belong to Star Trek characters or actors?

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Zip 4 days ago
Some guesses, some I knew.
Barry22 7 days ago
19/20, with some lucky guesses.
bnichols23 7 days ago
Gotta love Sid Haig, rest his soul! This quiz? Shoot, I had to challenge myself a little. Did it half asleep, blindfolded, facing away from the keyboard, sitting on one hand, & running the "Top Secret Clown Business" monologue in my head, & *still* got them all right. Sheesh!
Martanrick1975 8 days ago
17/20 not bad! Some I had to think back 🤔
Greg 8 days ago
19/20. Sorry but even the most die hard Trek fan missed the memo on Theodore Marcuse. Thanks MeTV for another challenger!
bnichols23 Greg 7 days ago
Marcuse was easy for me (as were they all, really). Shame about him; killed in a car accident just a few months after filming Catspaw. :( He was a good actor.
KJExpress bnichols23 6 days ago
I never knew that. Sad.
MikefromJersey 8 days ago
18 for 20. This quiz is chock full of some of my favorite character actors ever.
Barbara Luna, holy smokes, a great beauty. She should have had a better career but like Rita
Moreno she was too often relegated to "Mexican spitfire" roles. Plus women who were the
leads in TV series didn't like her on set, she stole attention just standing there, not unlike
Sherry Jackson.
kevopilis 8 days ago
17/20. The quiz wasn't series specific, and I had to guess at a number of questions, even so, a fair score even for someone that watches TOS 7 nights a week. 7 nights? Yep- it's on H and I 6 nights, and MeTV
on Sat. It'll be a big mistake to ever change the schedule..
Andybandit 8 days ago
I meant I had no clue whether they were actors or character name.
Andybandit 8 days ago
I got 6/20. I got #2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 18 right. These were guesses, I know clue whether they were actors or characters names
JohnGrant 8 days ago
10/20 and guessed on all but Harry Mudd...and his three lovely ladies
TSeym22 8 days ago
19/20 Missed #11. Name sounded so familiar, but I guessed the wrong way.
Robertp 8 days ago
8/20 did I win something. Maybe a Whoopi cushion?
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