Do you know the difference between the Brady Boys and the Brady Girls?

Who had that clown painting?

The blended Brady Kids may have shared a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, but the two trios got into their own adventures. They also had remarkably different bedrooms.

Overall, the six siblings on The Brady Bunch meshed together remarkable well. That was kind of the entire message of the sitcom. But they also had their fair share of battles.

Let's see how well you remember the young characters from this beloved show. Try to remember: Was that the Brady Boys or the Brady Girls?

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  1. Quick, without looking: Who has blonde hair?
  2. Who had bunk beds in their room?
  3. Who hung this wallpaper in their room?
  4. Who had this clown painting hanging by their bedroom door?
  5. Who breaks mom's precious vase?
  6. Who is held captive in a Hawaiian cave by Vincent Price?
  7. Who constructs this ghost out of "cellophane and fishing line" to scare their three siblings?
  8. Who divides their bedroom into territories with masking tape on the floor?
  9. Two of the three work together in this ice cream shop.
  10. Who is Carol playing ball with here?
  11. Who does Alice nickname "Tinker, Evers and Chance"?
  12. Marion Ross plays Dr. Porter, the pediatrician to which trio?
  13. Who slips this Yogi Bear poster into Mike's blueprints tube while in Cincinnati?
  14. Who plays Sleep, Happy and Grumpy in "Snow White and the Seven Bradys"?

Do you know the difference between the Brady Boys and the Brady Girls?

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dengel 1 month ago
Bring back Emergency . I was a firefighter for 35 yrs because of this show .
chickensocks dengel 4 days ago
I became an EMT and then a nurse because of that show! :)
Cozi has it on.
hermanstein2015 1 month ago
You got 9 out of 14
Uh oh. You might want to come up with a good excuse. Better luck next time. It's been awhile lol
PRINCETON 1 month ago
I got 9 outta 14 correct... I would've thought; I've done much better as a devoted fan of the show... I guess; I'd better get back into watching the re-runs; again... I could use more Sunshine Days... And a Twilight Zone / Brady mix of Rod Serling coming out of the front door; saying... " Submitted for your approval... " " A warm, fuzzy happy home of a blended family of a widow and a widower both with three kids each; newly married with a live-in housekeeper... living in this home where the insides aren't defined by its outside dimensons.. where internal areas of the home couldn't possibly exist... The next stop as you enter these dual doors.... the Twilight Zone... " LOL
BubbaPacha77511 3 months ago
just curious...wasnt the biggest brady bunch fan. seems a big plot hole is why the girls have the last name brady? i mean the mom sure but the kids from her first marriage?
I often wondered that; too... You'd the parents of the late un-named father of the girls or other family members would object to changing the last names of the girls to Brady... But the show was very consistent about about not going too deep... They made sure the late spouses and immediate families (such as their parents) were never referenced by anyone... in anyway; including the lack of even one single picture for at least the children to have in a picture frame or something.....
cajuntractor 3 months ago
13/14. Everybody’s smiling Sunshine Day!!!
SillyBillie 8 months ago
You got 13 out of 14

You are in perfect harmony with the Brady Kids!

I missed the dividing the bedroom one. I could not remember that episode! Lol
Deepizzaguy 11 months ago
Five out of 14 on this quiz.
Deepizzaguy 2 months ago
This comment has been removed.
ElizabethPease 11 months ago
MeTV: Can you get your quizzes correct, please? You advertise two Andy Griffith quizzes, and both are the same Brady Bunch quiz when a person presses the ad to start the quizzes.
johnqw 11 months ago
What happened? I clicked on a quiz to pick a paramour for Andy & got the Brady kids instead.
Alanakt johnqw 11 months ago
That's what it said, andy Griffith quiz. I tried three times, and kept getting brady bunch, so I took the quiz anyway
ForeverHappyDays johnqw 11 months ago
Instead of clicking take quiz, try clicking the photo instead. That's how I managed to get it. I took this quiz anyway and forgot about the ghost one and the one about the doctor because I forgot how the boys didn't want a lady doctor taking care of them. Honestly, I thought Ellie Walker was the best choice for Andy Taylor.
ElizabethPease Alanakt 11 months ago
I did too, and only got one wrong.
ELEANOR ForeverHappyDays 10 months ago
She was actually the WORST CHOICE! And they were caught by surprise when Miss Crump clicked with Andy. If they had known, they wouldn't have named her Miss Crump!
classic287 11 months ago
This is supposed to be us choosing Andy
Taylor’s girlfriend...
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