Can you guess which Brady kid fits in these episode titles?

Fill in the blank to sort through this sibling rivalry.

The Brady Bunch took sibling rivalry to the next level on TV by combining two families into one for even more sitcom antics. If you followed along with all the fun, then here's a quiz for you.

We've dropped the names of Brady kids out of memorable episodes to see if you can connect the correct sibling to each childhood moment. Good luck!
  1. A school mascot comes home with this kid in: Getting [???] Goat
  2. A birthday invitation sent to the wrong sister gets this Brady kid upset in: Will the Real [???] Brady Please Stand Up?
  3. This Brady kid wore a fake mustache to act older in: [???] and the Wolf
  4. This Brady kid proves a point joining Frontier Scouts in: The Liberation of [???] Brady
  5. This Brady kid becomes a little too obsessed with the outlaw Jesse James in: [???] Hero
  6. This Brady kid's determined to prove her maturity in: [???] Brady, Lady
  7. This Brady kid looks so much like her aunt, she digs up a current photo to forecast her future: [???] Aunt Jenny
  8. This Brady kid takes a sweet new gig at an ice cream shop seriously in: [???] Gets Creamed
  9. This Brady kid is crushed to cancel a date after crashing a car in: [???] Gets Grounded
  10. This Brady kid spent an episode wishing the impossible: [???], the Only Child
Can you guess which Brady kid fits in these episode titles?

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SheriHeffner 5 days ago
10 out of 10, I know my Brady Bunch episodes.
PatriciaMDavies 6 days ago
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ETristanBooth 7 days ago
10/10. Re #9, Greg never crashed a car. Rather, he almost got into an accident because he was looking at an album while driving on the freeway.
MrBill 9 days ago
7/10; I watched the show when it originally aired but seldom watch it today. I am pleased I was able to do as well as I did on this quiz.
Jon 9 days ago
10/10 myself, but then I've read all the episode titles in various books & webpages.
Geronimo 9 days ago
Should have been perfect πŸ˜–
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