Do you know the last names of all these Gunsmoke characters?

What surname came after Matt, Doc, Kitty, Chester or Festus?

Even the most casual Gunsmoke fans know a few of the characters' last names. It’s hard to not pick up on the surname of Dodge City’s best Marshal. The town doctor’s last name was mentioned at least half the time someone said “Doc…” But what about Miss Kitty or Sam the bartender?

Only the biggest Gunsmoke fans can get all 12 of these character last names right. Can you?

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  1. What is Marshal Matt's last name?
  2. What is Miss Kitty's last name?
  3. What is Doc's last name?
  4. What is Festus' last name?
  5. What is Chester's last name?
  6. What is bartender Sam's last name?
  7. What is town drunk Louie's last name?
  8. What is Quint's last name?
  9. What is Newly's last name?
  10. What is Thad's last name?
  11. What is this storekeeper's last name?
  12. What is this bank manager's last name?

Do you know the last names of all these Gunsmoke characters?

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denny 24 days ago
9/12 missed Sam, the banker, and Thad.
EllisClevenger 26 days ago
You got 10 out of 12
You didn't just do Goode, you did great!
Missed #6 and #12

Catman 27 days ago
LOL I gave up without finishing. No clue after Matt Dillon and Doc Adams.
SashaPayneDiaz 29 days ago
6/12 Haven't watched Gunsmoke in a million years.
Cowgirl 29 days ago
You got 12 out of 12
You didn't just do Goode, you did great!
I grew up watching Gunsmoke & still do.
Jeffrey 30 days ago
''You got 9 out of 12'' -----------You didn't just do Goode, you did great! ----I got #2 wrong because it scrolled when I clicked on the wrong one. Also got #s 6 and 12 wrong.
audie65 1 month ago
Yes--How do you change picture next to your name? They gave me girls rollerskates!! Really??!! Need help!
audie65 1 month ago
Yes. Very concerned about which westerns are being dropped. Dont think we wi know til Jan 2nd.
Cowgirl audie65 29 days ago
I think they're dropping everything before Big Valley. No more Bat Masterson, Trackdown, Have Gun Will Travel or Maverick. 'Tis a very sad thing they're doing to us. They could put the cartoons on Sunday mornings. Who needs 3 hours of Saved by the Bell, 2 hours of The Flintstones & another 2 hours of The Brady Bunch?
gene Cowgirl 11 days ago
my feelings exactly. i don't watch metv on sunday, until later that evening. i don't care for hours of sbtb, or brady bunch
Ninnjette Cowgirl 10 days ago
Really? Saved by the bell really are you kidding me? Saved by the bell... i’m 36 that’s my generations thing, I can’t stand my generation I don’t want watch that crap.. so they’re taking good westerns off, for crap..
JERRY6 1 month ago
9 of 12 nissed festus of all things ,newly and the banker should have done better
gig889 1 month ago
12 out of 12 I hope they are not doing away with Saturday westerns
Cowgirl gig889 29 days ago
They're doing away with the Saturday morning westerns. Everything before The Big Valley is going to be stupid cartoons now.
Bardown1 1 month ago
12 out of 12! I may be watching way too much television!!
CATaylor 1 month ago
I have not been able to get your shows 32.2 MeTV in since the beginning of the month help
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