Do you remember the first episode of Laverne & Shirley?

See if you belong in ''The Society Party.''

Laverne & Shirley got off to a bang in January 1976. The two Milwaukee brewery workers were not strangers to TV audiences. The pair had appeared on Happy Days.

But this spinoff shined the spotlight on single women working their way through the 1950s. Right out of the gate, the show rocketed to the to top of the Nielsen ratings. 

It certainly helped that the first episode was hilarious. It's a classic fish-out-of-water story, as the blue-collar gals attend a snobby dinner party. Let's see how well you remember "The Society Party"!

  1. Laverne and Shirley (and Lenny and Squiggy) hang out here. Where is it?
  2. Shirley explains how they know Lenny and Squiggy. How did they all meet?
  3. Squiggy suggests they go see a "great makeout picture" at the drive-in. What is the movie?
  4. Instead, Laverne and Shirley are invited to a fancy party thrown by Tad Shotz. The actor who plays Tad is best known for playing which '80s movie dad?
  5. Shirley gives out their apartment address to a taxi company. What is their address?
  6. Laverne and Shirley need dresses! Shirley suggests they get them from the "locker lady." What is her name?
  7. Which Sinatra song do Laverne and Shirley sing?
  8. Lenny and Squiggy get dresses! Where do the guys find the formalwear?
  9. They find out the dresses actually belonged to two rich girls named…?
  10. This is a statue of…?
  11. What body part does Laverne break off the statue?
  12. Laverne reads what Shirley wrote in her yearbook. Complete the quote from Shirley: "_____ _____ hits the spot."
  13. Does Fonzie appear in this episode?

Do you remember the first episode of Laverne & Shirley?

Your Result...

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frances3agape 22 months ago
11 of 13
Thought would get at least 12
Did not know address or makeout movie
MikefromJersey 25 months ago
8 for 13, which is a miracle, I have probably seen a dozen episodes.
Hey MeTV, any chance of running NYPD with Frank Converse? I only vaguely recall it
but the critics hail it. Probably cheap to get, and MeTV will earn accolades for
running it. Pair it with Adam-12, as if you keep running Adam-12 twice an hour you will
burn thru the episodes, causing the audience to get too familar with them, then
tuning out. Just an suggestion.
BZCITY 25 months ago
6/13. Barely remember watching this show.
srstein434 25 months ago
3/13. Hubby is going to have a field day!
Debbie 25 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
Oh la la! Look at you! You belong amongst the elite.
Don 25 months ago
Vivian: "Well, I never."
Shirley: "It shows, honey."
HopeDuchaine 25 months ago
10/13. I have to jump-start my memory.
AllisonWunderland 25 months ago
9/13...Thought I would have done better 😜 But I'll take it! 😉
Claude 25 months ago
I can't get over how many of us got 8/13.
MrBill 25 months ago
8/13; I have not seen the episode for quite awhile.
SnailGurl 25 months ago
Wow at least I got 8 out of 13
Not bad
David 25 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
Oh la la! Look at you! You belong amongst the elite.
BigE 25 months ago
8 out of 13 - It's been quite a few years since I saw the first episode.
KathrynJordan 25 months ago
It's been a while since I have seen this show. 7 our of 13 is not too bad.
oldschooltv 25 months ago
8 out of 13? One of these days Alice, one of these days
Krn 25 months ago
12/13 - those address questions get me every time!
“Life begins at 80 huh Nana! Whoa!”
“Well I never!” “It shows”
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