Guess the groovy 1970s TV theme song from a single rhyme

Will you "take it" and "break it" — or will this "lot" put you on the "spot"?

The Seventies were the greatest years for television theme tunes. Don't believe us? Just look at how many of them were legitimate pop hits!

"Love Is All Around," "Making Our Dreams Come True," "Different Worlds" — these were songs in their own right, with unique titles. Heck, even instrumental themes from S.W.A.T. and The Rockford Files made the Billboard charts.

But lyrics were always part of the appeal, especially those rhymes that stuck in your head. Hopefully. 

See if you can match these unique rhymes to the correct 1970s TV theme!

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  1. Weekend comes / Cycle hums
  2. Anymore / Shore
  3. Grill / Hill
  4. Smile / Worthwhile
  5. Tights / Rights
  6. Lot / Spot
  7. Dial / While
  8. Surviving / Jiving
  9. Played / Parade
  10. Take it / Break it
  11. Space / Face
  12. Means / Jeans
  13. Super guy / Human eye (Hint: It's a Saturday morning cartoon!)

Guess the groovy 1970s TV theme song from a single rhyme

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Dario 4 days ago
12 out of 13. 😁😁😁😁😁
BuddyHinton 7 days ago
13/13 Mockingbird Lane, Baby!! 👍🏻😂
FLETCH 12 days ago
10/13...thought I'd get them all :/
booster 13 days ago
10/13 Didn't watch much in the 70's.
AllisonWunderland 15 days ago
Dang it.....I was racing right thru this quiz then BAM, missed 12!! 😜
Whatcha talkin bout Allison
I know, right? 🤷‍♀️
Catman 16 days ago
11/13 and that's the way it is.
RobCertSDSCascap 16 days ago
13/13! Super 70s!
It ran 8 seasons and only showed an actress wearing a bikini twice.
One straight, intelligent, handsome young man living with 2
beautiful, intelligent women and no action among them?????
None of them had a car.
A used car salesman with all his original teeth.

*Thank you, Priscilla Barnes! *
I remember Chrissy in the black 1 piece in the opening credits, and Terri in the pink bikini when the ATM spewed all the $$ at Jack. When was the other bikini moment???
"The Brunch"; season 7 episode 9.
bnichols23 16 days ago
Missed the Wonder Woman & Laverne/Shirley. Didn't watch them much but should have gotten them. -laugh-
MaryAnn 16 days ago
RATS! I missed #9. Got in too big of a hurry and chose American Bandstand.
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