Heeeeeere's a Johnny Carson Quiz!

Do you remember The King of Late Night?

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Some things are up for debate. You can argue until you're blue in the face about who the best Catwoman was. You can spend all day disagreeing about whether M*A*S*H is better as a TV show or a movie.

However, one thing that everybody can accept is that Johnny Carson is the undisputed greatest late-night host of all time. 

So, let's look back at his career with this quiz. We want to see which details you recall. 

Share your score in the comments section, and be sure to include your all-time favorite guest on Carson's Tonight Show!

  1. Who was Carson's announcer and second banana?
  2. In addition to being a great host, Carson was also a skilled...
  3. What was the name of Carson's fortune-telling persona?
  4. While Carson mimed golf swings during his monologue, he actually spent more of his free time playing which sport?
  5. Carson loved his time off. Who was his guest host substitute with the most appearances?
  6. Although he was born in Corning, Iowa, Carson always considered this city in Nebraska to be his hometown...
  7. On January 1, 1971, The Tonight Show aired the final televised cigarette ad before a federal ban. Do you know the brand?
  8. During several performances throughout his tenure on the Tonight Show, Carson demonstrated his skill as a...
  9. Johnny was a five-time host of which award show?
  10. Do you remember who sang to Carson on his final show?

Heeeeeere's a Johnny Carson Quiz!

Your Result...

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MagicAllie 10 days ago
8/10. Love watching the old JohnnyCarson shows. Classic!
Pudge426 13 days ago
You got 6 out of 10
Swing and a miss!
mikeclark 16 days ago
he sure dissed minority groups...as was the norm then
JohninND 18 days ago
6/10. I miss the class of those days in talk show hosts.
DoctorSavage 19 days ago
Surprised Joan Rivers wasn't the answer, she was the most common guest host I saw
Had no clue to the town in Nebraska
I was most positive it was Joan for sure!!
tbrian 21 days ago
You got 7 out of 10. Missed on the cigarette ad, guest host with most appearances and city in Nebraska.
RobertK 21 days ago
6 of 10. I loved his show but never paid much attention to the details. Maybe METV could possibly start airing his syndicated shows like they air The Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday,(hint hint)
malibustacy RobertK 20 days ago
Another retro between does
Wiseguy70005 RobertK 16 days ago
Antenna TV. Why does it seem MeTV viewers are never aware of other networks?
cperrynaples 23 days ago
9/10! Missed 6! And Bette sang on his next-to-last show! There were NO guests on the last show!
Zip 23 days ago
Despite my score, I still think johnny Carson was the best talk show host. Along with his great comic timing, he had a way of making any guest, and also the audience, feel special and comfortable.
rubyslippers1234 23 days ago
10/10. Miss the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. 😢
gbell rubyslippers1234 23 days ago
Yup, that was the best show.
9/10 I had forgotten Joey Bishop had hosted that much
Zip gbell 23 days ago
Me too. That was one of the questions I got wrong. I thought for sure it was Joan Rivers. I don't even remember Joey Bishop being on there, or even what he looks like.
LabLove 23 days ago
5 of 10. I had to sneak to watch it.
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