How well do you know Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?

Do you remember as much as the MeTV fan who submitted these questions?

Thanks to MeTV fan Roy Prince for submitting this fun Buck Rogers quiz! Do you have a great idea for a quiz? Share it with us!

Though the 1960s certainly had plenty of science fiction shows, space adventures really hit the mainstream after Star Wars was released in 1977. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century brought back the 1930s pulp magazine and movie serial hero to capitalize on the trend. The two-part pilot — which featured a space princess, giant evil spacecrafts and funny robots – was even released in movie theaters!

Though it only aired for two seasons, Buck Rogers is fondly remembered as a cult classic by many sci-fi fans. How well do you know this space series? Try your luck below!

  1. What year does Buck come back to Earth in the 25th century?
  2. In "Awakening Parts 1 & 2" Buck sings and whistles a Frank Sinatra song. Which song is it?
  3. What is Wilma Deering's military rank?
  4. What is Dr. Huer's first name?
  5. Who is the computer quad Twiki carries around?
  6. What is the name of the princess played by Pamela Hensley?
  7. Which two actors played Kane?
  8. Four actors who had played villains in the 1960's Batman TV series guest starred. Who are they?
  9. True or false: Hawk made an appearance in season 1.
  10. What was the name of the ship Buck, Wilma, and Twiki served aboard in season 2?

How well do you know Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?

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Jasonmagee143 6 days ago
Shatner1 6 days ago
8/10---some great uniforms!!!!!
johnnypatio 7 days ago
4 out of 10. Never liked this show, all my answers were guesses.
LH 7 days ago
I got 2 !! And even on those I guessed!!! Worst I ever did !!
audie65 8 days ago
Hey Buck---7\10--ee b ee b ee b.
Tresix 9 days ago
7/10. Good, considering that I didn’t watch the show that often.
ncadams27 9 days ago
8 out of 10 - never watched the show. Last quiz that was all guesses I got 3 out of 10, so I guess things even out.
Joe 10 days ago
"You got 9 out of 10
You came out firing on this quiz, great job!"

Missed #2
emTV279 10 days ago
3 of 10, all guesses. Never watched the show.
grandpa5741 emTV279 10 days ago
Same here.
Oldielover 10 days ago
7/10...You came out firing on this quiz, great job!....Yes---...Great job of being a lucky guesser!!...I actually only knew 2 for sure!
richardkel Oldielover 10 days ago
Same here I like the series, and would watch it more often; but it comes on too late for me on the MeTV network here.
JERRY6 11 days ago
4 of 19 surprised i did that well
cabugi 11 days ago
I know nothing about Buck Rogers 🤓
FLETCH cabugi 11 days ago
The year is 1987, and N.A.S.A. launches the last of America's deep space probes. In a freak mishap Ranger 3 and its pilot Captain William 'Buck' Rogers are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems, and returns Buck Rogers to Earth five-hundred years later
cabugi FLETCH 11 days ago
I love Reader’s Digest 🥰
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