How well do you know the career of Eddie Albert?

He starred in war epics, musicals and even held a classified position with the U.S. government before becoming an actor.


Few actors have enjoyed a career as long and varied as Eddie Albert's. From his distinguished military service to his ability to act in projects that go from dramatic to musical to hilariously ridiculous, Albert was one of the most versatile actors of his generation.

How well do you know the career of this Green Acres star? Put your Eddie Albert knowledge to the test!

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  1. How many seasons did Eddie Albert star in Green Acres?
  2. Eddie Albert starred with Gregory Peck in which 1953 film?
  3. Which 1950s musical film featured Eddie Albert?
  4. Who did Eddie Albert play in The Longest Yard?
  5. Eddie Albert appeared in which non-Western John Wayne film?
  6. Speaking of John Wayne, Eddie Albert starred with the Duke and Sean Connery (the same year he became James Bond) in which WWII epic?
  7. Eddie Albert played a war hero suspected of murder who was investigated by which detective?
  8. A year before Green Acres, Eddie Albert played a man leaving the city for the country who then gets trapped in the wilderness in which anthology series?
  9. Eddie Albert guest starred as a religious leader named Brother Love who was secretly building a spaceship in which spy series?
  10. Eddie Albert appeared in the pilot of which Irwin Allen show?
  11. Elaine May, one half of comedy duo Nichols and May, directed Eddie Albert in which 1972 comedy?
  12. When was Eddie Albert in The Twilight Zone?
  13. What classified job did Eddie Albert have before becoming an actor?

How well do you know the career of Eddie Albert?

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BuckeyeBeth 21 months ago
Does anybody really wanna know how badly I did? I don’t think we should talk about it personally.


The only one I actually knew the answer to is the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea question. To be honest I really just came here to mention how hot Eddie looks in that top far left B&W photograph. He kind of looks like a young Stephen Nichols of Days Of Our Lives fame in that frame.
jimmywood 36 months ago
megusta ver la tv del pasado....
jimmywood 36 months ago
[email protected] yo soy un apasionado ala television antigua pero no tengo buena memoria gracias.
Marshall_Kolchak 39 months ago
7/13 i think i'm going to plunk around and read up on the circus spy stuff... i guessed codebreaker on that one because Johnny Cash and Robin Williams both did that as well and somewhere in the big picture he's between those two
Shatner1 39 months ago
10/13---Who knew I knew so much about Eddie Albert!
L 39 months ago
He was in the movie version of Oklahoma.
Dajj 39 months ago
6/13 ouchy ooohy!! A great actor, I didnt see him in some of those shows.
TheDavBow3 39 months ago
8/13. Liked him in McQ and The Longest Yard. McQ and Brannigan are great later John Wayne movies
MikefromJersey 39 months ago
12 for 13, "you smoked that quiz".
I am curious to know what intelligence could be gleaned from a circus touring Mexico.
Mexico was an ally, any Axis plotting going on wouldn't be out in the open, to be
detected by a circus bearded lady or Albert selling tickets. Perhaps Albert said this
as a joke.
Andybandit 39 months ago
I got 3/13. I only knew Eddie Albert in Green Acres and Some Episodes of Columbo.
dodgebob 39 months ago
4/13......bad, terrible, embarrassing, horrible, sad, unfortunate, sickining, disgusting, and adjective deficient, and it's all mine. Some days you got it and some days you don't.
UTZAAKE 39 months ago
8/13. 1, 6, 7, 8 and 11.
3. "A three-day bellyache."
AgingDisgracefully 39 months ago
Extremely good at playing creeps.
Find his milk/crowbar line from Hustle.
Very un-O.W. Douglas.
PS: how about showing Switch on MeTV?
Hustle was the one with Burt Reynolds, wasn't it?
Wiseguy AgingDisgracefully 39 months ago
I'd rather see Switch on DVD...uncut, no commercials and correct aspect ratio.
Barry22 39 months ago
10/13, and guessed. Especially on #10.
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