Who are all these TV stars who appeared as guests on Green Acres?

It's the place to be.

For many classic TV stars, Green Acres was the place to be, and this quiz proves it!

Scroll through these screenshots below and see if you can guess the other sitcom these famous guest stars are better known for. 

Serious sitcom fans will laugh right through this one. Good luck!
  1. This sheriff here appeared as a different sort of authority figure on which classic sitcom?
  2. This young redhead was at the center of which early family sitcom?
  3. Pick the show that did NOT feature this well-known sitcom actor:
  4. He's wearing some boss threads here, but on which sitcom did we usually see this actor suited up as a main cast member?
  5. It's a stick-up featuring a famous face that should stick out to any sitcom fan. Pick the sitcom that did NOT feature this actor:
  6. You'll recognize the dimples on this little darling if you're a fan of which sitcom?
  7. He's much more cleaned up here, but on which sitcom did we often see this actor much more disheveled?
  8. He went on to become an iconic movie star, but he owned a diner on which show first?
  9. The actor on the left famously played the neighbor on which early sitcom?
  10. Many years later, this actor became a doctor on the cast of which show?
Who are all these TV stars who appeared as guests on Green Acres?

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