Are these plots of Wagon Train episodes or hit Western movies?

Only serious Western fans may pass.

Fans of Wagon Train know that practically every episode was somebody's "story." The story of Willy Moran starts the whole thing off and it finishes with the story of Jarbo Pierce, and while you may not remember every single name that ever took the wagon train, we think serious Western fans will be able to pick out the TV episodes from the plots below.

How? We reckon you'll recognize the plots of some of the biggest Western movies of all time. So trust your gut and look out for whispers of movie stars like John Wayne in the plots below.

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  1. A Mexican village calls upon seven gunfighters to help save their small town.
  2. When a man double crosses Mexican bandits, he runs away, disguised as a minister.
  3. A New Orleans aristocrat escorting a young lass to San Francisco arouses the fury of a tyrannical town boss.
  4. Two bounty hunters reluctantly agree to partner up to find gold buried in a cemetery.
  5. After an outlaw and his sons are kicked out of their town, they rob travelers who must then survive walking the desert.
  6. Aging outlaws attempt one last score, robbing a railroad office of its silver.
  7. A Civil War veteran heads out to save his abducted niece from a threatening Comanche tribe.
  8. After a Comanche village is wiped out, travellers must choose between crossing a dangerous river or facing the chief who seeks justice.
  9. A Texas Ranger and a U.S. Marshal team up to help a young teen girl avenge her father’s murder.
  10. With her father on his deathbed, a young woman travels to another town to start a boys school.
  11. A woman runs away from a smothering marriage only to have bounty hunters chase after.
  12. The leader of an outlaw gang and his closest companion must escape to Bolivia after a train robbery goes wrong.

Are these plots of Wagon Train episodes or hit Western movies?

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ndebrabant 10 months ago

You got 12 out of 12
Mosey on along, true Western fan, we knew you'd turn up here sooner or later. Nice job.
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