How well do you know the very first episode of Adam-12?

Officer Reed’s first day was supposed to be Officer Malloy’s last.

The police procedural Adam-12 showed all aspects of patrolling the streets of Los Angeles. There were silly scenes, exciting, action-packed sequences and dramatic emotional moments. In fact, the series’ pilot episode set the pace for the show perfectly— it has all three! Plus, Malloy’s impending resignation, and the fact that he stays on the force to help Reed, sets up the perfect partnership.

How well do you know episode one of Adam-12? See if you can get each of these 12 questions right!

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  1. Which prolific TV producer directed the Adam-12 pilot?
  2. Officer Jim Reed’s age is revealed in the very first scene. How old is he?
  3. What does Reed offer to do that Malloy denies?
  4. This woman causes a scene after thinking what?
  5. What previous sitcom was this actress on?
  6. What words do Reed and Malloy use for the letters on this suspect’s license plate?
  7. What happens next during this car chase scene?
  8. Reed and Malloy request a “Code 7” meaning what?
  9. Malloy reveals what tragic reason he wants to quit the force?
  10. Malloy and Reed are called to a house for what emergency?
  11. The episode ends with Reed and Malloy facing off against what threat in the park?
  12. Reed saves the day after doing what?

How well do you know the very first episode of Adam-12?

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Muleskinner 21 hours ago
9/12. I haven’t seen it for quite awhile.
Mukusthebadd1 22 hours ago
So, that car sliding into the ditch thingy they show on here? I wander if they had to do it again because the car got stuck?
MikeCole 1 day ago
11 out of 12 not bad knew answer hit it wrong LOL!!
JewelsChuck 1 day ago
Funny thing is that usually when they were about to do a “Code 7” they would get a call and you know the rest...
Peter_Falk_Fan 10 days ago
Loved this show as a kid. I actually met and got a photo with Kent McCord a couple of years ago at a Con In Biloxi, MS. A super nice guy.
Awesome. Hope to meet him one day
JDnHuntsvilleAL 13 days ago
#8 - In aviation that would be LIMA, QUEBEC, OSCAR.
Cowgirl JDnHuntsvilleAL 10 days ago
I think the phoenetic alphabet changed over the years.
MikefromJersey 18 days ago
12 for 12. NBC did massive promotion for this series through out the summer of 1968. My older
brothers and I would talk excitedly about the car chases, the promos kept repeating the scene
in the LA River with the bad guys car sliding in(photo in #7 above). I remember this because I
didn't believe my father that in CF there were rivers covered in concrete and that apparently
didn't have more than 2 gallons in them. Till I saw for myself when Adam-12 premiered,
though I still thought it odd they paved river beds. Maybe I am showing my ignorance,
but can somebody tell me why the riverbeds are concrete? I guess that after 50 years
my learning curve could use a boost.
It's so tge giant ants will have a secure place to build their nests when they fly in from New Mexico.
No - the real reason is to withstand the occasional huge storm runoff from all over the city.
First off, I love your name. Second, your reference to THEM is very funny, so I am shipping
you a case of Raid to battle those ants, led by their Queen, Ant Bee Taylor. Third, thank you
for the info on the LA river. You are the acme, daddy-o, as Kookie(77 Sunset Strip) would
Sorry I can't lend you a comb, but at my age those are a distant and fading memory.
But you reminded me of why I don't get blitzed anymore. The last time I did I ended up standing in the back yard at midnight trying to bring down a helicopter with a can of Raid.
Troyedler 18 days ago
I first saw ep.#1 when I was about 6yrs old. I'm now in 55 and when I caught the episode on ME, I remembered distinctly of how Officer Malloy first treated Officer Reed. I can now better appreciate how great the show was.
EmBee 18 days ago
Someone below points out that they showed the final ep with Reed getting the Medal of Valor and then season 1 ep 1 right after that. Notice in the last season or 2, Reed's hair style changes and he starts to wear aviator sunglasses. Either LAPD relaxed its standards or McCord just wanted to look different and didn't care.
Cowgirl EmBee 10 days ago
I think LAPD must have changed its standards. Jack Webb took everything, including the uniforms on the series straight from what LAPD was doing at the time & he was a stickler for details.
HansShultz1 19 days ago
He was like a wooden statue on Ozzie and Harriet
LarryLeGros 19 days ago
10/12. I did better than I thought I would.
MarkSpeck 20 days ago
9 out of 12. I loved Malloy's 'Jesus speech' to Reed about the patrol car!
Randall 20 days ago
I am a die hard Adam 12 fan and car nut the car that went into the water was a buick, does anyone know which model?(i Know) also 12/12
francolaguna1 20 days ago
This was one of my FAVORITE shows as a kid! I still enjoy it today!
BrentwoodJon 20 days ago
Same with me I watched this episode yesterday.
SJN 20 days ago
I received 12/12 but I must disqualify myself because I watched the episode yesterday before I realized this quiz was here. So I'll take this quiz again one year from today to see what my score really should be.
dodgebob 20 days ago
10/12 somewhat easy, been awhile.
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