How well do you remember the first - and only - season of 'The Honeymooners'?

How well do you remember the season?


Many believe that 1955 was a great year for television because it's the year The Honeymooners debuted on CBS.

Although the family comedy only lasted for one season, due to Jackie Gleason leaving while the show was popular, it created a long-lasting impact.

The show centered around the life and marriage of Ralph Kramden, a bus driver, and his wife, Alice, in their small apartment. It's one of the many shows to showcase a "regular" marriage in the '50s that didn't hide misunderstandings, cliche moments and natural jealousy.

The Honeymooners had 39 episodes, one of the most for a season during that time. How well do you remember the season?

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  1. In the episode, "The Safety Award," what happened to Ralph on his way to the ceremony?
  2. In the episode, "Trapped," what happened to Ralph?
  3. In the episode, "The Worry Wart," who sent Ralph a letter?
  4. In the episode, "Pardon My Glove," what did Ralph find hidden in a drawer?
  5. In the episode, "Young at Heart," where did the Kramden's go to feel young again?
  6. In the episode, "Oh, My Aching Back," when did Ralph hurt his back?
  7. In the episode, "A Man from Space," how much money was Ralph trying to win?
  8. In the episode, "Twas the Night Before Christmas," what did Ralph sell to buy a gift for Alice?
  9. In the episode, "A matter of Life and Death," what was Ralph worried about?
  10. In the episode, "Funny Money," what did Ralph do with the counterfeit money?

How well do you remember the first - and only - season of 'The Honeymooners'?

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Kaydee 4 months ago
10/10 Back in the days when I was a kid in the 70's and early 80's i was glued to the TV on channel 11 WPIX (New York City) 11:30 at night to watch The Honeymooners Ha!
George58 7 months ago
10/10 I know these shows by heart. No matter how many times I've seen it, I still laugh EVERY time.
Marianne13 20 months ago
10/10. Never get tired of these shows
KEN 20 months ago
10 of 10. If I ever get married, MeTV owes me a honeymoon. Where will I go, where else, "to the moon".
StrayCat 20 months ago
10 of 10. Easy for someone that was not old enough to have seen the episodes when they were first run, but numerous times since.
MrChrisM 21 months ago
8 out of 10 is pretty good considering I was born after this went off air
jackbennyfan 21 months ago
I missed 2. I remember watching the show with my dad when I was a kid and I still enjoy it today.
Art1957 21 months ago
Bang, Zoom, Straight to the moon! You got 10 out of 10! Glad I was paying attention watching the Mooners at 11:30pm every weekday night on WPIX channel 11 back in the 70's! My Pop and I would watch it together and then it was bedtime, He had to go to work and I had to go to school. Good times, good times. I miss you Pop!
Bob 21 months ago
8/10. It's been a long time since I watched the show.
BenSobeleone 21 months ago
Question #1 "The Safety Award" the accident was Judge Hurdle's fault because his wife informed him that he was wearing his reading glasses instead of his regular glasses and to keep the record straight Judge Hurdle is fining himself $50 so Ed Norton replies "Don't forget about the 50 minute lecture!" Hilarious! Great writing on that show.
So many great lines: many of them making fun of Jackie's overweight, rotund figure. "How could someone so round be so square?" --Ed Norton

Said in the episode, "Young at Heart" (Ep. 20, aired Feb. 11, 1956)

Jackie told his writers to not write so many fat jokes, but they could not resist, it was so easy to write, and funny to see his expression after hearing one by Alice or Ed!
I rank "Young At Heart" the 3rd best episode of the 39 because of its eternal message, surpassed only by the outrageously hilarious "The $99,000 Answer" (episode 18, on Jan. 28, 1956) as #1 and "TV or Not TV" (episode 1 on Oct. 1, 1955) as #2.

"Mama Loves Mambo" is a tie for #3 with its dancing craziness in Ralph's apartment and his interaction with 'Carlos Sanchez' the Mambo teacher, who makes a play for all the women in the apartment, so the men are all jealous of him with him working days with the wives!
(episode 23, aired Mar. 3, 1956).
"Young At Heart" a funny, but sentimental, wistful look at Ralph trying to be young again, originally making fun of Alice, after she mentioned hearing of Judy's romance with Wallace (Ronnie Burns, George and Gracie's adopted son!). Judy is nicknamed "Angel Cake" and Wallace is "Atomic Passion!" The dance craze then, "The Hucklebuck" is played on a record player, sung by Kay Starr in her hit song.

So, they all go roller skating and Ralph falls down a number of times, spilling the coffee he was holding.
When they get back home to Ralph-Alice's apt., the others start giggling on how funny Ralph was in falling down. He gets angry and upset, ("You didn't look too good in picking me up!") but then starts to see the humor of it himself, and lets out a number of huge belly laughs (pardon the pun) in joining the other three, and when they finally stop laughing, they reminisce on their young days of doing things. I love this episode to bits! It never fails to affect me in how terrific America was in its culture, arts, and entertainment from the 1930s until the recent 12 years, in contrast.

Ralph's line is one very important for one's mental health, and I've never forgotten it, and how terrific it was by the writers:

"Acting young ain't what keeps you young, but if you have some memories - some good memories - of when you were young, that's what keeps you young."
Tampammm 21 months ago

Best show ever made!
BenSobeleone Tampammm 21 months ago
I agree. Love that show!
Rita6868 21 months ago
10/10.Too easy.The only season I Love.Not a fan of the lost episodes.I think I have the lines memorized but I still laugh every time I watch this season.I still watch every Sunday night! Ed Norton was my favorite!
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