How well do you remember the first episode of The Beverly Hillbillies?

Try to strike black gold on this Hillbillies quiz!

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This hilarious Beverly Hillbillies clip comes from one of the most-watched episodes in TV history!
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Jed Clampett could hardly keep his family fed when he struck black gold and set sights on "Californy." 

The beginning to The Beverly Hillbillies offers timeless humor surrounding the lack of knowledge from the Clampetts and all that new money!

How well do you remember when the Clampetts struck oil?

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  1. Which house do you see in the series premier first?
  2. After the narrator introduction, which character says the first word of the show?
  3. When this man wants to pump out all the oil in Jed's yard, Jed says "I'd like that too but ______"
  4. According to Jed, how many days was Granny limping around after she fell on some ice last winter? Yet another reason to move to sunny California.
  5. In his sales pitch to Granny, what example does Jed use when trying to get Granny excited about moving to California?
  6. How does Jed get Granny out of the rocking chair so they can leave for California?
  7. How much of Jed's money is deposited in the Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills?
  8. What sound does Elly May mistake for bobcats?
  9. Why are the Clampetts arrested?
  10. What does the family mistake their new house for?

How well do you remember the first episode of The Beverly Hillbillies?

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