How well do you remember the one hit wonders of the seventies?

I WONDER how you'll do on this quiz.


The term "One-Hit Wonder" is a bit of a subjective term. Sometimes a song can break the threshold into mainstream popularity, but that doesn't mean that the rest of their music wasn't worthy of the same treatment. Sometimes a band only stays together long enough to produce a single hit, but that doesn't mean there wasn't more on the way. And sometimes an already successful musician with loads of hits begins a side project that produces a single hit that will forever be known as a "One-Hit Wonder."

In any case, these songs get a bad rep, as they're considered anomalies in a band or musician's career. But One-Hit wonders deserve some love in their own hall of fame, so today, we're quizzing you on the lyrics and titles of songs that could be considered One-Hit Wonders.

  1. The song "Spirit In The Sky" says, "When I die and they lay me to rest, I'm gonna go to the place _______."
  2. Vicki Lawrence's 1972 song is titled "The Night The Lights Went Out In _____"
  3. The song "Play That Funky Music" says "I decided quickly to ______ and check out the show."
  4. The song "In The Summertime" says, "In the summertime, when the weather is high you can stretch right up and ______."
  5. Thin Lizzy's 1976 is titled "The Boys Are _____"
  6. The song "I Love The Nightlife" says, "Please don't talk about all of the plans we had for fixin' this broken romance. I want to go _____."
  7. The song "Brandy, You're A Fine Girl" says, "The sailors say, 'Brandy, you're a fine girl' What a good wife you would be. Yeah, your eyes could _____."
  8. Gary Numan's "Cars" says, "Here in my car, I know I've started to think _____."
  9. The song "Layla" by Derek and the Dominoes was co-written by which English musician?
  10. The Knack's 1979 single was titled "My _____"

How well do you remember the one hit wonders of the seventies?

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sjbang88 7 days ago
7/10 and I only knew 1 of these songs
George58 8 months ago
9/10 Didn't get #3. Never liked the song, so I wouldn't know it.
Beatseeker 8 months ago
10/10... gimme music quizzes, i'll do it every time... maybe... (i never was one for "big talk")
SusanTammy 8 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're a real quiz-hit-wonder!

Thanks! I did better in 70's than in the 80's quiz.
grandpa5741 8 months ago
8 of 10, some very good songs here. I bought The Knacks greatest hits CD and it My Sharona on it 10 times 😃
trogg888 9 months ago
Cant believe i missed th brandy one.thought i had that one memorized.she was a fine girl.
JeffPaul76 9 months ago
"You got 9 out of 10" -----"You're a real quiz-hit-wonder!" ---I got number 8 wrong because I never heard of the song "Cars" so I didn't know the lyrics.
marjean JeffPaul76 6 months ago
I didn't know that one either, but made a lucky guess. Missed on the lyrics to "Play that Funky Music," even though it was a staple on the jukebox in the restaurant where I worked.
CaroleThorpe 9 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're a real quiz-hit-wonder!
AllisonWunderland 9 months ago
10/10…Boy, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen that score 😲
RobertK 9 months ago
9 of 10. Oh Yeah, I was there! I missed #8, Gary Numan's Cars. I heard the song often, but the lyrics never stuck with me. So many memories! Full disclosure, I was a disco hater when around my buddies but on Friday nights, I hit the disco clubs with a few of the neighborhood girls. I think by now, the statute of limitations has run out on my sneaky transgression with my old buddies!
trogg888 RobertK 9 months ago
I wasnt a disco f an either buedt i went to the clubs and bars dancd to pick up worked
RobertK trogg888 9 months ago
Yup, when it came to meeting girls, all bets are off! Good Times!
15inchBlackandWhite 9 months ago
10/10. Hours and hours of listening to oldies stations on AM radio paid off.
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