Is this Don Knotts in The Andy Griffith Show or The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?

Can you tell Barney Fife from Luther Heggs?

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Barney Fife is undoubtedly Don Knotts’ most iconic role, but he played many hilarious parts on the big screen as well. One of his most famous movie characters is scaredy-cat Luther Heggs from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

The horror spoof was released after Knotts’ last time as a regular in Mayberry but before his final guest appearance. In other words, right in the middle of his time playing everyone’s favorite bumbling deputy. Luther Heggs even shared Barney’s affinity for bowties!

With the remarkable resemblance between the two characters, it’s hard to tell them apart out of context. Here are ten randomly selected shots of both Luther and Barney. Can you tell if Don Knotts is in The Andy Griffith Show or The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?

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  1. Is this Don Knotts in Mayberry or not?
  2. Is this Luther or Barney?
  3. "Ghost and Mr. Chicken" or "Andy Griffith Show"?
  4. Which one is Don Knotts in now?
  5. Can you tell if this is our sheriff or a timid typesetter?
  6. "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" or "The Andy Griffith Show"?
  7. Barney Fife or Luther Heggs?
  8. Is this Don Knotts as Barney Fife or not?
  9. Where is Don Knotts now?
  10. Small-town sitcom or comedy horror?

Is this Don Knotts in The Andy Griffith Show or The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?

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rstuv 18 months ago
10/10. One of my favorite Svengoolie movies.
franthonyb 19 months ago
10/10 Like Luther, “my whole body is a weapon.” Awesome movie.
leebillyold 19 months ago
cheduff leebillyold 19 months ago
Nice picture of kitty on bathtub ledge trying to get a drink of water! Here is one for you! 😊
leebillyold 19 months ago
cheduff leebillyold 19 months ago
Very nice looking little dog! I have a little dog too. I got her 13 years ago.
cheduff 19 months ago
“The evil, intimidating, vengeful and insolent character of cigar-smoking, Panama-hat wearing psychopath Max Cady” (Robert Mitchum) in Cape Fear (1962). Note: The band on Mitchum’s hat is wider with stripes.
cheduff 19 months ago
The beige straw Panama hat with red band moved around with Don Knotts from show to show because Don personally owned this hat and it wasn’t part of a costume. Take a good scary look at Robert Mitchum in “Cape Fear” and you will see the same hat. 😬
DanDo77 19 months ago
8/10 I could only do this quiz after seeing the movie. In a few questions Don Knotts is wearing the same hat!
CalamityJan DanDo77 19 months ago
He is wearing the same exact whole outfit in both shows? I think metv might have messed up on this one.
marmetv20 19 months ago
5/10 Terrible and that's one of my favorite movies!
GioLovesMash 19 months ago
7 out 10.good os
Steve67 19 months ago
7/10 Just saw TGAMC a couple nights ago and still blew it
Toot1956 19 months ago
10/10 I nip it in the bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheduff 19 months ago
I have been researching this Panama hat with the red band and it seems Don Knotts wore this hat in TAGS, the Reluctant Astronaut AND the TGAMC. Now that is quite interesting.
cheduff 19 months ago
And the answer to Question 10 is also wrong in this quiz.
Toot1956 cheduff 19 months ago
That answer correct, that is the episode where Andy visit Barney a Raleigh Det. Living with the store Robbers, He and Andy stake out the store and Barney was eating chips.
cheduff Toot1956 19 months ago
Yes you are right! This Panama hat with the red band was worn by Don Knotts in at least 3 separate productions.
cheduff 19 months ago
Does Don Knotts wear the same beige hat with the red band in both? I saw “The Ghost and Mr Chicken” last night and he had on the hat with the red band. Therefore the answer to Question 1 is wrong in this quiz.
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