Match these characters with number names to the correct TV show

Which shows featured Six, Seven, Thirteen and Seven of Nine?

We get it. Sometimes as a writer it can be hard to come up with original names for things. We wish we could simply call this "Quiz No. 1501," but that's not quite catchy enough.

But when you're creating a TV show, giving a character a simple number for a name can be quite clever. Below, you will see the numerical names from television shows, spanning from the 1950s to the modern day. Try to match them to the correct series. Good luck!
  1. This classic sci-fi series starred a robot named B-9 — but most just called him "Robot."
  2. This '90s sitcom memorably featured a best friend character named Six.
  3. In the seventh season of this sitcom, the family adopted a kid named Seven.
  4. Which Star Trek series featured a Borg crew member named Seven of Nine?
  5. On this super popular current show, a girl named Eleven has psychic powers.
  6. This '60s sci-fi series attempted to create a spin-off based on a character named Gary Seven.
  7. The main character of this '60s classic was simply known as Number Six.
  8. This popular sci-fi reboot also featured a main character named Number Six.
  9. This eerie anthology series featured a female model named Number 12 who "looks just like you."
  10. This '70s detective series featured a murder mystery called "Mind Over Mayhem" that featured a robot named MM7.
  11. This animated holiday special featured a kid with unique dance moves named 555 95472.
  12. This medical drama featured a main character named Thirteen — well, at least that's what her boss called her.
  13. This classic DC superhero show featured a Martian named Zero-Zero-Zero-Minus-One, but they called him "Mr. Zero" for short.
  14. This quirky '60s sitcom centered around an android named AF 709.
  15. The cult 1999–2003 sci-fi series featured a cute drone name 1812.

Match these characters with number names to the correct TV show

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KathyMcKinny 7 months ago
HOW could they leave out 99 from Get Smart???
idkwut2use 7 months ago
8...but I never could do math. x-p
UTZAAKE 11 months ago
11/15. 1, 4, 8 and 15.
12. The actual name of the character played by Olivia Wilde was later revealed as Dr. Remy Hadley. Thirteen was the number she was assigned in the protagonist's American Idol-like competition to hire new team members.
KathyMcKinny 12 months ago
How could they forget 99 from "Get Smart"?
Don't forget Max was Agent 86!
Patricia 12 months ago
Finally, a question with Farscape in it (or the answer as the case may be).
cperrynaples 12 months ago
15/15 and don't forget that the first Number 6 was "not a Number", but rather "a free man"! Of course, Number 2 would laugh at that notion...LOL!!!
ScarlettKaiju cperrynaples 12 months ago
I just watched several episodes of The Prisoner yesterday. How's that for timing?
0/15! I am proud to call myself a stupid ignoramos! I wear the crown and fly the banner proudly! Better luck next time.
I think that's first zero I have seen on a MeTV quiz. Congrats Stephanie!
Thanks! It was nothing!
truly nothing LOL
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