Match these food episodes to the correct TV shows!

Who told these stories about pickles, turkeys, cookies and vegetables?


Get ready for a 12-course meal of TV trivia! Below, you will find a buffet of food episodes.

That's right — these episodes all have some kind of food in the title. See if you can match the to the correct show. To give you a hand, we've thrown in an episode description, too!

  1. "The Pickle Story" — They actually taste more like kerosene.
  2. "Turkeys Away" — Live turkeys are dropped from a helicopter.
  3. "It May Look Like a Walnut" — A sci-fi movie leads to a bad dream about an alien who steals thumbs.
  4. "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" — Landing on a planet lush with vegetation, our heroes fall into the clutches of a carrot monster.
  5. "Pass the Vegetables, Please" — Eating radioactive vegetables gives the characters super powers.
  6. "Bananas, Crackers and Nuts" — Henry goes for some R&R.
  7. "The Apple" — Gamma Trianguli VI may seem like the Garden of Eden, but looks can be deceiving.
  8. "The Cookie Fund" — Theodore and Larry take $3 from the class cookie fund.
  9. "The Price of Salt" — Ada Halle inherits her late father's salt mine and falls prey to the scheming of a greedy rancher, Cash Talbot.
  10. "Rats Like Cheese" — It was the second part conclusion to "Instant Freeze."
  11. "The Soup Contest" — Daisy tries to help her granddaughter find a husband by entering a soup into TV cook-off.
  12. "The Lemon" — Tired of borrowing the DeSoto, the middle son instead gets a 1949 Chevrolet Styleline De Luxe of his own — and it's a lemon.

Match these food episodes to the correct TV shows!

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ThomasPotter 4 months ago
I got the Daisy question wrong, I was thinking the granddaughter's name was Daisy-may, it wasn't until after i clicked the wrong answer that I realized she was "elly-may"
jwj 41 months ago
10/12 amazing what you can remember about tv shows
RobertK 41 months ago
10/12. I missed #7 and #9. I liked the "clues" hidden in the descriptions. Another fun quiz!
JDnHuntsvilleAL 42 months ago
I got #12 right, even though it is WRITTEN WRONG. Richie was NOT the "middle son". He IS the "middle CHILD", but he's the "YOUNGEST son."
Fred_Clampett 42 months ago
12 of 12!! This one did kinda direct you if you didn't know.
frances3agape 42 months ago
Awwwww....only 10 of 12
Thought it would be a snap after some had obvious clues
Forgot Theodore was Leave It To Beaver's name
Mob39 42 months ago
9/12 better luck next time!
JC 42 months ago
You got 8 out of 12
Was this a bountiful result for you — or would you like to go back for seconds?
jschliclbernd9 42 months ago
10/12 missed #5&9 didn't watch or care for Gilligans goulog.
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