Pick: What would you watch on TV all day on this random Thursday in 1972?

Binge on a nostalgic buffet of game shows, cartoons and reruns.

Picture yourself back in 1972. The date is September 14. It's a Thursday. And we have some great news — you're staying home all day.

Maybe you called in sick, perhaps you're just playing hooky — who knows, it could be a holiday. Whatever the reason, you're parked on the sofa all day, ready to watch hours of television.

Oh, you also live in the New York City area.

What would you watch on TV? Well, we know what was on, thanks to this two-page spread from TV Guide [source: Techspot].

Pick whatever ignites your nostalgia, or something that just looks interesting to you today. Then see how your tastes compares to others!
  1. After taking a nice post-breakfast nap, you turn on the TV at 10am. Choose a channel.
  2. It's now 10:30am, and you have the choice between game shows and reruns.
  3. Okay, what's it going to be at 11am?
  4. At 11:30am, you now have some soaps and cartoons in the mix. What'll you watch?
  5. Okay, it's now noon. Time to fix a yummy lunch, sit on the couch, and watch something new.
  6. Turn the dial at 12:30pm.
  7. Care to change the channel at 1pm? There are plenty of options.
  8. Wow, Seventies TV keeps on giving. Dive into something at 1:30pm.
  9. We're getting deeper into the afternoon. Choose something at 2pm.
  10. There's no way you're tired of TV yet! But perhaps you need a little stretch? Pick something for 2:30pm.
  11. Ah, here's comes the good after-school stuff like cartoons! Pick something at 3pm.
  12. Keep it going with something at 3:30pm.
  13. Okay, everyone else is coming home soon. Pick one last thing at 4:30pm… well, until primetime.
Pick: What would you watch on TV all day on this random Thursday in 1972?

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FrankCollins 25 days ago
At most of these times, looking at the TV schedule, I would have watched a show that was not in the choices. Oh, and no option was given in the choices, to not watch any of them.
BuckeyeBeth 27 days ago
69% Similar.

I always get a little confused on these kind of quizzes. I guess I should be taking it twice and reporting both scores, what I would have watched and what we actually watched because I was a little kid and not in charge of the tv.😆
This is how I grew up, 7 channels, kid shows, old tv show reruns in the mornings & afternoons and old Hollywood movies as an alternative! Although I seem to remember having only 5 channels in Columbus Ohio. NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and then those few weird UHF channels. I think those came from NY, NJ or Chicago area. I could be wrong but I also remember Mister Rogers being a morning tv show along with Sesame Street. The "older" kids educational shows like The Electric Company was an afternoon show. But this is my memory of how I was introduced to classic tv. Blocks of shows in the morning and again around 3pm. I remember one year it was two back to back episodes of I Love Lucy in the morning and in the afternoon it was one episode of The Lucy Show with Lucy Carmichael followed by an episode of Here's Lucy with Lucy Carter and teenage kids. I remember being little I couldn't keep the series names straight so it was a question of is it Lucy & Ricky, Lucy with Vivian and the bank, or Lucy with the teenage kids. 🤣
Unmentionabel1821 27 days ago
If GAMBIT and SPLIT SECOND we're in the choices, I would've voted for those?
Lucyneenah19701 27 days ago
66% similar. I Love Lucy is my favorite T.V. show! Please air I Love Lucy on MeTV again!
I have to ask. Is I Love Lucy your favorite or are you fine with any of her three shows?😄

It seems stations rarely play the other two. It would be nice to have all three shown together.
In 1999 or 2000, TV Guide magazine named Lucille Ball as the biggest TV star of the century. Her I Love Lucy show was the first to finish as the number 1 most popular show of the year, for 3 straight years, according to Nielsen ratings. She later had more TV shows, such as The Lucy Show, which did not have Ricky.
JamesB 27 days ago
To watch these shows on a "random Thursday" in September? Too early in the school year to be sick. Even during the Summer, I don't recall many rainy days in CA (yes, just like the song) so none of the midday shows were likely. The morning game shows or the late-afternoon cartoons (again, Summers only) were more common before/after the usual ball game or other plans! "The Dating Game" was usually fun, plus Jim Lange was a popular radio guy on KSFO in San Francisco, too.
BuckRogers 27 days ago
I was eight years old, Grandma Erma was babysitting me, told her I was sick, she said don’t go to school, so I stayed in bed watching daytime tv, and this was a Friday! Good times growing up! Oh, I had 65% similar.
tom78 28 days ago
75%..........I was working so I chose what I might have watched.
thedude1500 28 days ago
They forgot the Million Dollar Movie and Dialing for Dollars.
JamesB thedude1500 27 days ago
My grandparents always seemed to watch "Dialing for Dollars", too. They had an old-style party-line phone number so who knows if the station ever called? ;)
SPDavid 28 days ago
I was 12 years old.I would have been at school until 3 PM or so.I didn't have up to six channels at one time then.It's a mixed bag of shows I may have watched but also some I would have never watched.
MichaelSkaggs 29 days ago
Daytime tv in the early 70s. A good time to take some afternoon college classes. Also, several of them should have had the option of None Of The Above.
TomTerrrific 29 days ago
With these choices, I would have just turned off the TV and read a book!
DawnGraham 29 days ago
They should of let us pick from all the shows that were listed. Watched a lot of game shows then & still do today.
booster 30 days ago
To be honest, I wouldn't have watched any of those shows.
Saint1 booster 29 days ago
Couldn't agree more...
Barry22 30 days ago
72%, ironic, isn't it? And no Mets or Yankees games?
lnieting 30 days ago
Hmmm...didn't get a percentage at the end(?)
cperrynaples 30 days ago
For those of you wondering about the BW ovals, I'll explain: In the stone age [aka the Flintstone era,,,LOL!!] most programs were in black and white,so TVG designated color shows with a C, By the early 70's, only reruns were B&W,so TVG flipped the script as the kids say now,,,LOL!! Sometime around 1974, those designations were eliminated!
Mmmmm no not really. I remember my family buying Tv Guides in the late 80's that still had the Black & White "BW" indication, newspaper printed tv schedules also. They might actually still use it. I just haven't picked up a TV Guide in so long because it became easier for me to hit up the cable tv schedule channel or google the pdf schedule like I just did for MeTv & H&I a few minutes ago.
As a kid that's how I knew if a movie was older or if I was watching an early season of a tv show (Gilligan's Island for example) at a glance if it had the "BW" behind it. ;)
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
100% similar. I hate to admit I was around in those days.
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