Pick: Would you buy the funky furniture from these vintage ads?

Are these so-so sofas or rad recliners?

Do you miss the furniture styles of decades past? Without bright colors and interesting patterns, everything today is so boring!

Or do you like the more modern look? Old furniture just looks tacky!

Take this survey of 15 vintage furniture advertisements, from couches to coffee tables and even inflatable chairs! See how your opinions compare to everyone else's.

  1. Would you buy this chair?
    Image: Dux
  2. What about this desk?
    Image: Kagan
  3. Would you buy this folding dining set today?
    Image: Samsonite
  4. What do you think of these couches?
    Image: Sears
  5. Would you have this table in your home?
    Image: Lane
  6. What do you think of this all padded leather bar?
    Image: Aldens
  7. Would you buy this table?
    Image: Casa Bella
  8. Could you see this in your home?
    Image: Bielecky Brothers Inc.
  9. Could you lounge on something like this?
    Image: Knoll
  10. Do you have a room in your house like this?
    image: Congoleum
  11. Would you buy this chair?
    Image: Contour Furniture 
  12. What about this inflatable furniture?
    Image: Penneys
  13. Would you buy the furniture from this vintage ad?
    Image: Salterini
  14. What do you think of this egg chair with speakers?
    Image: Panasonic
  15. Would you buy this recliner?
    Image: La-Z-Boy

Pick: Would you buy the funky furniture from these vintage ads?

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cherylgafner 13 days ago

I'm a weird-o, I thought it was all pretty cool sans the green stuff.
Hollie 14 days ago
believe it or not ..we had # 11 ..that was so comphy ..we fought over that chair to watch tv as kids ..it was great you could adjust how high in the air your legs were up ..also had an egg chair ..you could sit and listen to music come out of speakers inside the chair .the first surround sound lol I loved it ..and still have and use # 3
RogerClyneIsAGod 17 days ago
46% similar

I would KILL to have one of those egg chairs now.
Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!
hermanstein2015 24 days ago
Land sakes alive, what in the world lol
BuckeyeBeth 24 days ago
73% #14 The Egg Chair with speakers would be pretty cool if it was upgraded to wireless smart speakers (also more embedded speakers) so you could stream YouTube, Netflix or your music in surround. Imagine dragging that out on the porch in nice weather! Also you could watch your big screen tv from across the room with only the chairs speakers on making it a bit less noisy for others. I do remember seeing photos of the egg chair when I was a little kid without income thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. I still love it and would own it if it was available. Of course I would attempt the upgrades I spoke about. ;D
steviebeefs 24 days ago
86% similar. I liked the egg chair, most of you did not.
I love the egg chair!! Out of all of the choices, that's the one I would buy now if it weren't ridiculously expensive.
Laura 25 days ago
73%similar to the most popular answers.
Runeshaper 25 days ago
66% similar
66% similar to the most popular responses

Some of this was cool, some was ok, and some was just plain scary LOL
gracie200 25 days ago
in the 80s (in my 20s) i had a bar like the one in #6. loved it. as a teen i had a chair kinda similar to #11, loved that too. i still love a good recliner like in #15 but that color GOT TO GO. i had dogs & cats so blow up furniture would not have been practical, but have owned my share of bean bag chairs....my fave one was a blue fuzzy one that a boyfriend had given me.
Runeshaper gracie200 25 days ago
The bar looks super cool!
GreenHornet 25 days ago
The lounger In #9 was my favorite. They had some around my college campus back in the late 70s early 80s. Does anybody have more information or a better picture of it? The 1st or 3rd ones. I’ve been looking for one for years with no luck.
idkwut2use 25 days ago
13% similar...yeah, I’d probably use all of it. xD I love retro-style. And I miss my beautiful neon-lime inflatable chair and pillows (one with a goldfish print) so much. ;;
TheDavBow3 25 days ago
80% similar. I do like the swinging egg chair!
Runeshaper TheDavBow3 25 days ago
Yes to the egg chair!
madmark1 26 days ago
Some of that furniture I think still looks good till this day and then some of it looks like it was carnival prizes.I like the egg chair with the speakers in it I would like to have one of those even now
Josie92 26 days ago
A friend of mine had that leather bar in his living room!! Got plenty of use!
Runeshaper Josie92 25 days ago
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