Can you tell the difference between Cannon and Mannix?

Can you tell these tough 1970s detectives apart?


In the early Seventies, no television detectives were tougher than Joe Mannix and Frank Cannon. They both took on crooks with cool cars and karate chops. They could also take a licking.

Mike Connors (Mannix) and William Conrad (Cannon) were also both beloved veterans of the small screen. The shows might have a lot in common, but they do not have everything in common.

Let's see if you can tell these characters apart!

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  1. Who drove a Lincoln Continental Mark IV?
  2. Who had a phone in his car?
  3. Who worked for an agency called Intertect?
  4. Who had a boss named Lew Wickersham?
  5. Who lived in Los Angeles?
  6. Who lived in the historic Art Deco styled apartment building Sunset Tower in West Hollywood?
  7. Who was fluent in Armenian?
  8. Who had a crossover with Barnaby Jones?
  9. Who lost his wife and son in a tragic accident?
  10. Who grew up in a town called Summer Grove?
  11. Who appeared in an episode of 'Diagnosis: Murder' in 1997?
  12. Who returned to television for a made-for-TV movie special in 1980?
  13. Who once took a case for a payment of bottles of rare wine?
  14. Who had the middle initial "R."?

Can you tell the difference between Cannon and Mannix?

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CKOK66 3 months ago
GOOSEYGOOSE9 8 months ago
William Conrad And Mike Connors RIP,Mannix And Cannon Rest In Peace,I Do Like TV Private Detective Shows Such As Mannix And Cannon As Well As The Manhunter,Harry O,The Rockford Files,77 Sunset Strip,Hawaiian Eye,Surfside 6,Bourbon Street Beat,Peter Gunn,Richard Diamond,Private Detective,Spenser For Hire,Magnum P.I.,Matt Houston,Remington Steele,Gabriel's Fire,I Like Private Eye Noir Movies.,
TulipDaisy1003 8 months ago
Cannon had STYLE, but Mannix was hot.
Mannix sure was HOT😜
GOOSEYGOOSE9 10 months ago
Please air cannon at 10 am
Perry mason 9 am
Cannon 10 am
ThomasPotter GOOSEYGOOSE9 8 months ago
No, stop telling us what to air.
Mimi1215 15 months ago
I got 12 out of 14 and I actually missed questions 12 and 14. What a coincidence. 😄
Busco 23 months ago
I remember Mad Magazine to the great spoof of Canon
Mimi1130 23 months ago
Yay, 14/14! I love both of those shows, never miss them!
BarnabyMannix 35 months ago
12 out 14....much better than I would've guessed...
DerekBird 35 months ago
You got 13 out of 14
Nicely done! Gimme five!
ChrisPlatt 41 months ago
The difference? Bad guys in cars chased Mannix on foot and he still managed to get away. Think flying (empty) boxes on loading docks etc.
That would have been at minimum unlikely on Cannon, so the bad guys would cut his brake lines, right before he had to drive down a steep winding mountain road. Cue closeup of foot repeatedly futilely pressing brake pedal...
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dubskaren 44 months ago
I love to watch cannon. Great actor, great show. I wish it was on at a earlier time, maybe Saturday nights.
Eastwood 45 months ago
Difference? How about Cannon weighed 3 Mannix's.

Never liked Mannix, even though the cars were better. Cannon was one of the few shows that really got around Southern California, rather than just being in Los Angeles the whole time, which was great for scenery but must have upped the production budget considerably.
Eastwood Eastwood 44 months ago
KRAMER: Hey, Jerry! Come in here a sec! Hey!
JERRY: Oh my God!
KRAMER: It's the Merv Griffin set
JERRY: How did you get this in here?
KRAMER: Oh, you just bring it in sideways and hook it.
JERRY: So where are you gonna sleep?
KRAMER: Yeah ... backstage.
ELAINE: Phew! This chair smells like garbage.
KRAMER: Oh, well a lot of the stars from the 70's - they were not as hygienic as they appeared on TV, yeah, you can take Mannix for example.
DerekBird Eastwood 35 months ago
William Conrad could move though in spite of what he weighed. He also had a great voice. Seinfeld was the worst show... ever.
JZ6030 47 months ago
Missed 1. Middle initial??? Come on!
Both great shows in my book. I love to look back at the cars and style back then.
Greg 48 months ago
Missed the last one had to guess. They should have a night of shows Like Hawaii 50, Mannix and Canon on prime time
toddo Greg 14 days ago
You're right with that, Greg! Re-arrange schedule to have a cop drama night on earlier!!
JERRY6 48 months ago
13 of 14 the middle initial got me
Jenmahoney 49 months ago
12 out of 14! It should have been 13 but oh well. I love these shows! They are the reason why I go to bed so late! Haha
MikefromJersey 49 months ago
On today's Mannix(May 28)"Cats paw", the recently passed on Fred Williard has a bit part as a
audience member interacting with a magician in a night club. Filmed in 1971, I wonder if this might be
his earliest TV role?
Eastwood MikefromJersey 45 months ago
I think that was Frank Bonner, of WKRP "Herb Tarlek" fame.
MikefromJersey Eastwood 45 months ago
Hi Eastwood,
Turns out you are right! I always mix those two up, they resemble each other in looks as well as comedic chops. Weren't they both part of Second City in Chicago? Thanks for the heads up.
EllisClevenger 49 months ago
You got 13 out of 14
Nicely done! Gimme five!
Missed #6.
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