Can you tell the difference between Cannon and Mannix?

Can you tell these tough 1970s detectives apart?

In the early Seventies, no television detectives were tougher than Joe Mannix and Frank Cannon. They both took on crooks with cool cars and karate chops. They could also take a licking.

Mike Connors (Mannix) and William Conrad (Cannon) were also both beloved veterans of the small screen. The shows might have a lot in common, but they do not have everything in common.

Let's see if you can tell these characters apart!

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  1. Who drove a Lincoln Continental Mark IV?
  2. Who had a phone in his car?
  3. Who worked for an agency called Intertect?
  4. Who had a boss named Lew Wickersham?
  5. Who lived in Los Angeles?
  6. Who lived in the historic Art Deco styled apartment building Sunset Tower in West Hollywood?
  7. Who was fluent in Armenian?
  8. Who had a crossover with Barnaby Jones?
  9. Who lost his wife and son in a tragic accident?
  10. Who grew up in a town called Summer Grove?
  11. Who appeared in an episode of 'Diagnosis: Murder' in 1997?
  12. Who returned to television for a made-for-TV movie special in 1980?
  13. Who once took a case for a payment of bottles of rare wine?
  14. Who had the middle initial "R."?

Can you tell the difference between Cannon and Mannix?

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ChrisPlatt 6 months ago
The difference? Bad guys in cars chased Mannix on foot and he still managed to get away. Think flying (empty) boxes on loading docks etc.
That would have been at minimum unlikely on Cannon, so the bad guys would cut his brake lines, right before he had to drive down a steep winding mountain road. Cue closeup of foot repeatedly futilely pressing brake pedal...
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dubskaren 9 months ago
I love to watch cannon. Great actor, great show. I wish it was on at a earlier time, maybe Saturday nights.
Eastwood 9 months ago
Difference? How about Cannon weighed 3 Mannix's.

Never liked Mannix, even though the cars were better. Cannon was one of the few shows that really got around Southern California, rather than just being in Los Angeles the whole time, which was great for scenery but must have upped the production budget considerably.
Eastwood Eastwood 9 months ago
KRAMER: Hey, Jerry! Come in here a sec! Hey!
JERRY: Oh my God!
KRAMER: It's the Merv Griffin set
JERRY: How did you get this in here?
KRAMER: Oh, you just bring it in sideways and hook it.
JERRY: So where are you gonna sleep?
KRAMER: Yeah ... backstage.
ELAINE: Phew! This chair smells like garbage.
KRAMER: Oh, well a lot of the stars from the 70's - they were not as hygienic as they appeared on TV, yeah, you can take Mannix for example.
JZ6030 12 months ago
Missed 1. Middle initial??? Come on!
Both great shows in my book. I love to look back at the cars and style back then.
Greg 13 months ago
Missed the last one had to guess. They should have a night of shows Like Hawaii 50, Mannix and Canon on prime time
JERRY6 13 months ago
13 of 14 the middle initial got me
Jenmahoney 13 months ago
12 out of 14! It should have been 13 but oh well. I love these shows! They are the reason why I go to bed so late! Haha
MikefromJersey 14 months ago
On today's Mannix(May 28)"Cats paw", the recently passed on Fred Williard has a bit part as a
audience member interacting with a magician in a night club. Filmed in 1971, I wonder if this might be
his earliest TV role?
Eastwood MikefromJersey 9 months ago
I think that was Frank Bonner, of WKRP "Herb Tarlek" fame.
MikefromJersey Eastwood 9 months ago
Hi Eastwood,
Turns out you are right! I always mix those two up, they resemble each other in looks as well as comedic chops. Weren't they both part of Second City in Chicago? Thanks for the heads up.
EllisClevenger 14 months ago
You got 13 out of 14
Nicely done! Gimme five!
Missed #6.
JERRY6 14 months ago
13 of 14 missed the middle intial r i thought i knew these shows , guess not as well as I thought
Jenmahoney JERRY6 13 months ago
Yes you do! That one I guessed on and got it right, but I missed the made for tv special (I didn’t know that) and I pushed Cannon by accident on the Lew as a boss question, but I knew it was Mannix. Great job! I love these shows! I wish they would come out with more quizzes on them!
MannixFan 14 months ago
12 out of 14. I should have done better on that one. But it was fun!
LadyBug2020 14 months ago
I did soooooo bad 5 out of 14
michaeljewing 14 months ago
How many times did the bad guys cut the cord on Mannixs’ car phone?
JERRY6 michaeljewing 14 months ago
4 that i remember
Jenmahoney michaeljewing 13 months ago
Oh my! I would say 6? I don’t know. I should know. Haha
Moverfan 14 months ago
Do I know the difference between these nice gentlemen? Well, yeah. Mr. Cannon is...rather large and Mr. Mannix is Armenian (kind of a dumb question when you think about it).
tom78 14 months ago
12/14.............good one....!
RoberttheWallace 14 months ago
Good trivia test!; with these Very interesting program series, I really Wish MeTV would Please, Please bring back " Hawaii Five-O ". . .the Absolute Best of them ALL! ! !
OldTv RoberttheWallace 14 months ago
Agree! Hawaii Five O was one of the best shows out there. I never get tired of seeing them. I would also love to see Mission Impossible series as well
teethclenched OldTv 14 months ago
I was suprised to see MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE on MeTV last night (Sun 10 May 2020) after THE FUGITIVE! Not the best time for this classic show, but...
JERRY6 RoberttheWallace 14 months ago
Rockford files too would be nice , never tire of that show
AEDC49 14 months ago
Love both! saw both from when new and would wish they both were shown at normal daytime evening times like in fact from 8pm to maybe midnight would be good! It is always annoying when a show you want to see is on after midnight so in essence they might as well not be seen, that's when you have no way to record them for later time convenient viewing! I always thought they should employ a complete time shift and literally switch/rotate the schedule each week so that everyone could basically follow their favorites and see them at a better normal time! Meaning just start each week by switching the literal airing time by 12 hours a whole half day so that what is shown at its time slot would just switch from AM to PM times! So say Cannon is on 3am eastern time would be on at 3pm eastern time, that way each week you would see your show and not miss it or try staying up past your normal bedtime etc! If I had a TV Station that's what I would do so all shows aired could be seen and fans wouldn't miss any episode and it would make for 100% variety! since they just keep showing the same series over & over again! which that isn't right either! but that's just a matter of going to their vaults with thousands of other shows that more then deserve to be aired and should be! Lets vote for that big change!!
Wiseguy AEDC49 14 months ago
Wouldn't it be easier to just buy a DVR? What you describe is chaos and would cause massive confusion.
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