Poll: Which of these Klinger looks from M*A*S*H is your favorite?

All of Klinger's looks were iconic, but which look is your favorite?

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Maxwell Q. Klinger is known for serving up some looks on M*A*S*H. From dressing as the Statue of Liberty to a beautiful gold dress, he is a man who could wear it all. 

Today, let's look at some of Klinger's greatest looks in M*A*S*H. You decide which look is best!

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  1. Which of these classic Klinger looks is your favorite?
  2. Moving on to the fur and polka dots, both featured in the episode 'Adam's Ribs.' Which are you choosing?
  3. Which of these two looks do you like best?
  4. Which look did Klinger pull off the best between these two episodes?
  5. Which of these Klinger looks do you like best?
  6. Two iconic looks, only one option to choose from:
  7. The hats alone are stunning. Which outfit goes with the hat the best?
  8. Which of these looks are you choosing?
  9. These are two very iconic fits for Klinger. Which one do you like best?
  10. Finally, which of these looks is your favorite?

Poll: Which of these Klinger looks from M*A*S*H is your favorite?

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