Was this a Perry Mason case or a 1950s horror film?

Can you tell the difference between a Haunted Strangler and a Haunted Husband?

Perry Mason premiered in the 1957–58 television season. This also happened to be a peak era for spooky science-fiction flicks. Drive-ins were showing double features about killer blobs, giant ants, body snatchers, a man transformed into a fly, "The Thing" and much more.

Perhaps that's why so many cases from Perry Mason sounded like a horror film.

Every episode of the mystery series had a title that began "The Case of…". We removed that part.

See if you can tell the difference between "Perry" and "scary."

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  1. The Velvet Claws
  2. The Giant Claw
  3. The Crimson Kiss
  4. The Runaway Corpse
  5. The Wasp Woman
  6. The Killer Shrews
  7. The Sleepy Slayer
  8. The Rolling Bones
  9. The Mischievous Doll
  10. The Crawling Eye
  11. The Screaming Woman
  12. The Skeleton's Closet
  13. The Screaming Skull
  14. The Haunted Strangler
  15. The Haunted Husband
  16. The Howling Dog
  17. The Headless Ghost
  18. The Wrathful Wraith
  19. The Woman Eater

Was this a Perry Mason case or a 1950s horror film?

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KKR 16 months ago
17/19. And I own the complete series on dvd. Haven't seen them all though.
srrainwater 16 months ago
15/19. I might need a lawyer. That score is criminal!
EllisClevenger 18 months ago
You got 18 out of 19
Win or lose, hopefully it made you smile!
Missed #8
MikefromJersey 21 months ago
Tonight, 0ct.24, on Antenna TV they are running the 1961 Jack Benny episode "Jack On Trial For Murder"
at 10:30. He gets Raymond Burr as Perry Mason to defend him, as who else would you get? Perry Mason fans, check it out.
EllisClevenger 22 months ago
You got 18 out of 19
Win or lose, hopefully it made you smile!
Missed #13.
It could have went either way.
I guessed wrong.
Lacey 22 months ago
17/19 but more that I know 50s horror and SciFi than I remember names of Perry Mason cases.
scp 22 months ago
Eighteen out of nineteen. Not bad for someone who's only watched maybe two episodes of Perry Mason from start to finish.
Stacie 22 months ago
17 of 19...can’t believe I missed 2! I thought I was a Mason girl!
booster 22 months ago
19/19 I rarely watched Perry Mason, but I know most every horror movie from the 50's and 60's.
scp booster 22 months ago
That's how I was able to do it, though I missed the last one.
LarryLeGros 22 months ago
Shaky start but 17/19. % wise, that's 89%, a B+.
kevopilis 22 months ago
I caught the horror titles, most of them, not exactly a Perry Mason fan, what's the point of watching?
He never lost a case. Shows like that are for the unemployed, or when people were more easily entertained.
Highlands_Doc 22 months ago
19/19 I'm old enough to have seen all those movies in theaters.
Joe Highlands_Doc 22 months ago
18 out of 19
ScarlettKaiju 22 months ago
"The Screaming Woman" was also the name of a Made-For-TV movie based on a Ray Bradbury story. It was noteworthy for its star: Olivia De Havilland!
db13 ScarlettKaiju 22 months ago
Yes it was I just watched it Saturday (10/3/2020) on Creature Features.....
AlbertHanson 22 months ago
Either answer for #11 is correct. 'The Screaming Woman' is a horror movie, but there is a Perry Mason episode, 'The Case of the Screaming Woman', which is Season 1 Episode 30, and aired on April 26, 1958.
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