Which classic television animal are you?

Find out which animal you are!


We're always so focused on the stars of television, but what about the star pets of television? They deserve some love too! Answer these animal-related questions, and we'll assign a classic television pet to your personality!

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  1. First off, do you love animals?
  2. Do you have any pets at home?
  3. If you could bring one extinct animal back and keep it as a pet, what would it be?
  4. What's your favorite thing to do with your pet? If you don't have a pet, what's the first thing you'd do if you got one?
  5. What's one type of animal that you can't stand?
  6. Do you want a pet that's active, or one that's a bit chilled out?
  7. Be honest, do you think that animals can understand you when you speak to them?
  8. You're walking down the street and you see a person with a dog walking in the opposite direction. Be honest, are you going to ask to pet that dog?
  9. If you had to get a pet today, what kind of pet are you getting?
  10. If you were someone's pet, what kind of energy would you have?

Which classic television animal are you?

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BlueRabbit20 7 months ago
I'm Dino, too. I was still trying to figure out if I am a Dino or an Astro type. To heck with it!! I want BOTH!!
Jacki 8 months ago
Acting horse from Green Acres
VaughnBaskin 9 months ago
I've got Dino Flintstone, the last of the Snorksasuarus tribe!
MikefromJersey 9 months ago
"You got Astro from The Jetsons. Man's best friend, indeed! Maybe you're a little dramatic at times, but you're without a doubt the most loyal dog around!"

Not bad MeTV guys, but since it's time for my "walkies", which one of you is going to take me out?
Don't forget the little shovel and plastic bag.
Just be glad I'm not Mr. Ed, you'd need a bigger shovel.
Dajj 9 months ago
Astro! Ruh Roh!! Oooppss, wrong dog!
Dysall 9 months ago
I got Arnold. I don't want him.
Coldnorth Dysall 7 months ago
I’ll trade ya. You can have Astro. I’ll take Arnold any time
Moverfan 9 months ago
I got Arnold Ziffle, but I don't know...as I recall, he was already in third grade when he first appeared on Green Acres. I didn't start third grade until 1970!
Runeshaper 9 months ago
You got Arnold Ziffel from Green Acres
You're a little more human than you are a pig, but you love to spend time with your people and live it up!

WGH 9 months ago
I must be some kind of weirdo.

I got that horse from Green Acres who wants to send his son to college. Doesn't even have a name apparently.

I love to train animals but I'm not much of an animal person. I can take them or leave them.
WGH WGH 9 months ago
And please don't comment that I'm some kind of cold-hearted person. We have a beautiful American Cocker Spaniel who is very well trained and very affectionate. And we had a beautiful black Akita before that. Again very well trained. My wife is the dog lover. I just like them.
Coldnorth WGH 5 months ago
I’m kind of like you. I Love cats and pigs but only like dogs
eyegor 9 months ago
I don't know about this quiz. I got to question #5, and couldn't answer. I like all manner of critters.
AllisonWunderland 9 months ago
😂 Dino! I’d probably have to agree with that one
CaptainDunsel 9 months ago
Methinks not. Too frenetic and energetic.
I'd be far more like Henry from "Emergency!" (I know, not a MeTV show, but...)
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Dysall CaptainDunsel 9 months ago
They used to have Emergency on MeTV but that was a long time ago.
ColleneGandy Moverfan 9 months ago
The dog's name from Dukes of Hazzard is Flash. He belonged to Roscoe P. Coltrane.
Moverfan ColleneGandy 8 months ago
True, but Duke the bloodhound was Jed's dog on The Beverly Hillbillies.
Coldnorth ColleneGandy 11 days ago
Colombo has a basset hound too
Rob 9 months ago
I got Klinger’s camel, Habibi.
Coldnorth Rob 11 days ago
May the fleas of 1000 camels infest your arm pit
Coldnorth Coldnorth 8 days ago
That was a quote from Klinger
CortneyNicole 9 months ago
Yes, I got Astro from The Jetsons!
ironman2000 9 months ago
I'm Astro! Rye Ruuove Wou Grreogre! I'm not sure if you can read my Astro text, but that's the best I can do.
emTV279 9 months ago
"You got Astro from The Jetsons"
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